Light turnout for Trump inauguration


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“White turnout for Trump inauguration” is also an acceptable headline.


I hear there is more people in DC for the free weed then to see the orange monster


It was also drizzling, rainy, not exactly pleasant weather.



I thought this was going to be a suggestion that we turn out our lights. I’m avoiding all TV coverage but, hey, sure, if turning off the lights would help I’ll do that too.


Well, thanks for trying to cheer me up, Ad Networks?


Someone was allowed to fly a drone in DC on Inauguration Day? That’s shocking!


Yes, that explains it.


Weird, because the Canadian broadcasters called the weather “almost perfect”.

Maybe Trump is just wildly unpopular.


I’ve lost the will to make “but that’s just a Canadian’s polite way of saying [horrible thing]” jokes…


OTOH, it was much warmer than in 2009.


Photo taken from the top of the Washington monument…You know the only tall building in DC.


It would be helpful to show the same frame for both pictures. The attendance may well have been light–but it’s hard to compare since the right frame shows about 1/16th of the left frame.


I hope the DC transit authority updates this info with today’s statistics:

Ridership on Obama’s Inauguration Day


That’s how the news programs are told to do it: have the frame be filled, no matter how far you have to zoom in or out. If the framing on the right is only “1/16th” of the left frame, that tells us that the crowds are significantly smaller.


Instead of watching the inauguration I just watched the state of the union speech from Idiocracy.

ETA: I am wearing my Brawndo t-shirt today.


Well, there is also the Old Post Office’s tower. Which used to be publicly accessible – until it was sold to become the Trump Hotel.


Yeah, bad weather is totally why.



Leased, not sold.