Three of Spencer's neo-Nazi supporters arrested after shooting wildly at bus-goers


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If that’s not terrorism, I don’t know what is.

Haul their ass to gitmo. As long as we’re not shutting the place down, we might as well put real terrorists there.


Waiting for trump to give them a call and $25,000 ea.


See? This is what happens when you don’t punch them.



What’s this you say? Nazis, tied to extremist groups, acting like violent thugs? How can this be, when the president* called their comrades “fine people.”


all from Texas

Not my first guess, but definitely in the top 5.


But it was all the fault of antifa for hurting their fee-fees!



Texas Man is stronger due to the presence of Florida Man.

Thank goodness Arizona Man wasn’t there to complete the triad of horrible.


It was okay for my Pop Pop to punch nazis.


Yep. One of mine dropped bombs on their homes from high altitudes. Survived the war without getting shot down. A major accomplishment in that branch of the service.


Open carry enthusiasts presenting on social issues at the CA State Assembly.

Magically CA got gun control.


How soon after did trumpkins start claiming it was a “false flag” operation financed by George Soros?




Dunno, but I suspect @blender a couple replies up could have some idea…


This is what happens when you don’t punch them. Thanks for the video, Akimbo_NOT. :heart: #DoingItRight


While we are sharing:

My Godmother’s husband was a literal farm kid from Kansas who they put in B-17s and B-29s. He was the “engineer” which a many hats position, helping all the other crew with their jobs.

My Dad’s dad was career Coast Guard and was on the USS Aultman, a Navy ship commanded by the Coast Guard which took troops and supplies from the European to Pacific front.

My Mom’s dad was an aircraft technician in the Navy in Hawaii.


I think they’d be safe in updating that to three out of three now.


Whomever the one “innocent” is, the person went to an extremist rally in a car with two other extremists. Connected.