Three of Spencer's neo-Nazi supporters arrested after shooting wildly at bus-goers


Hugging a nazi is also an easy way to get stabbed.

I personally don’t think it’s worth my own physical well-being to make friends with them. They very clearly state that they don’t want to be friends. And I’m happy to oblige.


Gee, a “Tyler” and “Colton” were involved, I’m shocked… =p


When one of your core tenets is that I must be killed, I do not hug you to prove a point.


Presidential pardon in 4…3…2…1…


As nice as that endeavor is, the only reason it didn’t backfire is because the Nazi was physically outnumbered by anti-fascist protestors.

I wish our societal problems could be solved by something as simple as hugs, but this isn’t MLP.


It is breathtakingly irresponsible and privileged to insist minorities perform sainthood to your standards when faced with people who want us dead. I will not be hugging Nazis. I will be going to temple. Where we have to have armed security. Because of Nazis.

You want to hug it out? Fine. Miss me with that requirement.

I’m not here to be your martyr-on-demand.


For what it worth groups like Life After Hate are trying.


Fears brothers encouraged him to shoot. Fears brothers encouraged him to shoot. Fears brothers encouraged him to shoot.

One handed typing today, my apologies.


That’s good for them; it’s a first step.

But as I’ve always stated, no can change a person but that individual him or herself; and change is hard - a person has to really want to change, and to be willing to do the necessary work required.

And therein lies the problem; many bigots and fascists are perfectly complacent with their flawed and hateful world view.


Hey, friendship is magic.


Only in cartoons, sadly.

Not really


They did>


Well, that makes sense. If you punch a Nazi, he’ll come back with a gun.


The other two just wanted to shoot the “right people”?


True, but hugging someone is a good way to not get punched too. You’re too close. The worst time I ever put my foot in my mouth I hugged the guy, partly to say I’m sorry and partly to avoid a swing.

Hey - maybe this is why they don’t have chins. Smaller target.


In another thread I wondered if he had been punched due to the lack of bruising and swelling. I was wrong, but I bet his lip puffed up soon after.


Colton Harris Moore was the only good Colton.


My grandpa died fighting them. Nazis killed him in Elsdorf, Germany during the war. It really bugs me to see these idiots at White Power rallies with swastika flags.


No one shot back? I’m appalled, where’s the american spirit?


Most of these guys seemed more informed by the German spirit.