Roland Martin Somehow Restrains Self from Hitting Alt-Righter Richard Spencer


Hi kids! Wanna watch something incredibly infuriating?

Well you’re in luck! Neo-Nazi Alt-Righter Richard Spencer came onto Roland Martin’s show. So pop in a tooth-guard and move expensive furniture from the general vicinity, because the tooth grinding and wanting to hit stuff just won’t stop for the 30-ish minutes this interview takes.

(I don’t argue with Martin’s decision to put Richard Spencer on. There are two sides to the argument there, but I feel that it is valuable since he held him to account and didn’t trifle with fake impartiality.)


What an obnoxious fuck (spencer, not Martin).


White (presumable men) are underrepresented in Silicon Valley?!?

OH SHIT! I can’t fucking even!

OMG! “Do you know where Egypt is?”


Okay. Watched the whole thing. From my perspective, Martin did a fantastic job revealing how little Spencer knows about history, science, and demographics in the US. Spencer is clearly ignorant of these things and replaces actual history, science, and knowledge about his country with a poisonous ideology that’s attractive to some people who feel aggrieved by not getting handed everything on silver platter. I wish that others would do such a fine job taking his ignorance and parading it in the public square for all to see. Of course, I suspect that the individuals at the meeting after Trump’s election would think it’s some sort of anti-white conspiracy, no matter what facts they are presented with.


It took a while, but someone’s fist finally found its way to Spencer’s face yesterday. I’m not saying violence is generally an acceptable form of public discourse but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t have given that guy in the hoodie a big ol’ high five.


The Neo Nazis will be crying over that one for years. It will be their go to example of how the left are violent against them.

They will remain completely oblivious to the numerous examples of murder commited by their own, of course.


pretty sure that was a right :wink:


They need lessons from John Prescott then (who is actually right handed)








Sometimes people just needs a punchin’.


Man, what an asshole beyond assholes. And he’s a terrible speaker – I learned in high school not to read while at podium. Or at least try not to look like it.


The eagle has landed (one)!


They never filed charges on Buzz.|top|09-20-2002::19:25|reuters.html


Because everyone knew that guy just needed a punchin’.

Interestingly, because Spencer never required medical attention and laughed off his punches it means they couldn’t press charges here either…


Until I was made aware of these tweets, I couldn’t figure out why my social media was full of people calling the Patriots “nazis” and Tom Brady “Richard Spencer’s best friend” and such.


I would have posted more but I couldn’t stand to be on his feed any longer.


A man who doesn’t believe humans have landed on the moon is punched by a fist that has been to the moon. Satisfaction incarnate.