The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes (Part 1)

Since people are so keen on claiming that Trump has nothing to do with hate and ugliness and that these things are mere coincidences and/or unruly kids, post the ugliness you find here, so the thread serves as both a reference and historical document.

Circulating Facebook:

A church near me (Episcopal):


LIBTARDS are the REAL BIGOTS, though. We know, because a guy from Breitbart said so this morning.


Popular pedestrian thoroughfare in my area:

This part of the state was once Klan stronghold territory. This shit ain’t funny.

There’s a local black Republican politician (nice guy despite our differences) who isn’t taking this lightly. He’s been proposing signs that say, “Klan: if you can read this sign, you better run. If you can’t, run anyway.” It’s an inversion of signs threatening black people before the decline of the Klan here. He posted that and some very serious anti-racist content on a page seen by loads of local Republicans who are alternatively arguing with and threatening him. My respect for the man is at an all time high. He’s got guts.


You mean like Sun Down towns, and signs that said stuff like “N*gger, Don’t Let The Sun Set On YOU In Hawthorne”?

They can try and revise history all they like; I’m not going to forget.

I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not giving up.


A book was just published not too long ago on a county north of Atlanta, Forsyth:

It’s not all white now, but it was until pretty recently. It’s still majority white, so I’m afraid of what it’s like there now.


The only thing 2016 has taught me is that I am surrounded by emotionally stunted, ignorant, bigoted asshats. They are fucking everywhere. I find myself trusting people with my skin color less and less as each day goes by.


Earlier this year and a repost but I think it counts:


Never give a shit about showing the license plate. They’re visible in public, and there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy. Also, if you don’t want everyone thinking you’re a complete asshole, don’t put assholish shit all over the vehicle you drive on public roads.


Disgusting/pathetic/cowardly. Makes me somewhat glad to live in Baltimore as I doubt these cowards would attempt anything so brazen in the city as they’d rapidly be drawn and quartered long before the cops ever showed (and they probably wouldn’t show, anyway).


Fuckin’ A.

Like that woman in West VA, talking about suing because people reposted her nasty FB post about Michelle Obama.

Like you stupid twit; you fucking put it on facebook, for the whole world to see!

I’d ask how is it that people are this completely clueless but I know how it happened and thinking about it will only depress me.


My town. Again. This was targeted at a member of the community. Don’t know them personally, but they’re friends of friends.


The black Republican I was talking about put up a disturbing update. This was publicly posted on his FB page for all to see and people know him pretty well, so I see no reason not to post it here.

For those that aren’t familiar with the term, “Blue Klux Klan” is a cop in the Klan.


The misspellings would be funny if the horror wasn’t so real. “Faget” sounds like a fancy European dessert.


Oh I’m sure the nazi is just “one bad apple”.

It just so happens that one bad apple spoils the barrel, seeing as his colleagues haven’t managed to make his life on the force hellish enough for him to leave.


I’m not sure how I can express this correctly…

Any police department that would allow members of a known terrorist organization be officers on the force deserves to be burnt to the ground and the earth salted.


“Divided We Stand”-- wow, that’s some interesting patriotism you got there.


“Faget” is a modernized spelling to dodge filters in comment sections and stuff.


Unfortunately, it probably betrays the youth involved with a stunt like this.


I am sick with fury right now. You would think there would be anxiety about the prospect of a resurgent Klan in my area, but I keep looking for fear and find only anger. I’m signing onto a newly formed community defense patrol that will walk the streets at night. These are intolerable circumstances and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand by and let this shit happen without a fight.


They never went away. Trump didn’t bring back racism; he won because it was there waiting for someone to run for high office who would pander to it. That’s what’s really on all of us who were surprised at the election outcome. We got complacent.

The ‘divided we stand’ truck owner is a waste of oxygen. But he or she is right about one thing, this country is more divided now than since the civil rights movement, and possibly even since the Civil War. The coming years aren’t just going to be about Trump and the GOP administration. We can stand up to them all we want, but it won’t do any good if we don’t stand up to the people who voted for them.

And no, I don’t think all Trump voters are racists, but they all supported a campaign that brazenly embraced racism. It’s up to the rest of us to remind them that they too will be judged by the company they keep.

I hope it doesn’t come to civil war. I doubt it will, but it no longer seems beyond the realm of possibility. In which case we would have a severe problem. The only group that will fight fascism that is also largely armed and knows guns are libertarians. Only a small fraction of progressives have ever even fired a gun. The fascists, however, are almost all heavily armed. If it comes to civil war, the only real chance against fascism is if enough armed conservatives turn on fascists they’re currently shielding.

In two years, vote like your country’s very existence depends on it. It does.


The question is which side the US military will be on. Nutjobs with guns are no match for combined arms. The cities have more of the population, and more of the administrative facilities connected to the military, but the military is also beholden to the executive branch, and right now…