Punched Nazi Richard Spencer ejected from Conservative conference


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described the Alt Right as a “left-wing” group.


Like any boy band - they’ll just replace him with a younger, cuter boy.

Though I have to admit - they really picked a great name for the band - Backpfeifengesicht.


And rejected by his favorite band!


Yep. In recent years some in the conservative movement have tried to rebrand “nazis” as “socialists” because they want all bad things to be leftist.


I just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough.


In addition to kicking him out, they could also have kicked him.


Richard Spencer wasn’t punched, he was alt-hugged.


So what does this make their president?


This is my favourite word of all time

Oh boy, I love this so much. I feel like it’s not right for me to be so gleeful. I can spin a constructive narrative: “Hey guys, I’m just happy because it shows that the American right doesn’t feel like they can mainstream actual white nationalism. It shows that conservative leaders are feeling the pressure from their constituents. Democracy at work!”

But nah, I just want to sit an imagine his face when he realized he was being thrown under that bus he built. If anyone wants to chime in with a, “You’re being just as bad as the people you claim to disagree with.” Guilty. As. Charged.

Conservative tears taste so goooood.


Not too absurd since that IS part of the name: National Socialist German Worker’s Party. But they killed off (quite literally) the leaders of the “socialist” wing after they came to power during the “Night of long knives.”



Isn’t Bannon speaking at this thing? Until he’s shown the door, I can only consider this a good first start.


Fucker’s mainstream now.


Your property does not belong to you, the police do not answer to you, the politicians who you think are on your side serve people who want to exploit you with a smile (I’m looking at you Musk, you smarmy shitstain of a neoliberal fuck).

Go ahead and kettle yourselves (I mean use “free speech zones” and protest permits) like good little lambs, trust in things like “property rights” and your “1st amendment protections” and the “justice system”. Because you all believe those things work right?

You have been told that property had meaning and that nonviolence is the “right way 100% of the time”. Who fucking told you that? People who have all the property and all the guns, people who have everything to gain by your complicity. How fucking stupid does someone have to be to reach adulthood and still believe that shit that’s so obviously convenient for everyone in power?

If you want to change society and culture the correct response if to disrupt it and to push way too hard. Be unreasonable and uncontrollable. Reasonable people take what is offered and nothing changes.




Still not socialist.

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I really don’t know what to say about this point, yet again, other than to point out that when you google it most of the top posts are from places like National Review, Free Republic, the Mises institute, and various Ayn Rand related think tanks. Again, just because they had some folks in the party who believed the workers language (who were later purged) and used the work socialist does not mean that they were. They absolutely went after unions, socialists, and communist prior to anyone else, including Jews.


“I hate Illinois Nazis”