Trump: 'Alt-left' attacked in Charlottesville, 'both sides' to blame for deadly violence


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Yet another indication that the entirety of Republican policy is “piss off the Liberals.” They don’t have a second idea.


There was hatred and violence on all sides, as clearly shown in this photo of peaceful counter protesters surrounded on all sides by angry torch-bearing racists.


At least you’re not here, where the entire policy of the Conservative Party seems to be “Piss off everybody with a functioning brain who isn’t a sociopath.”



Hey, they’re busy ditching everything they stood for at the election and adopting Labour policies as fast as they can. I’m not sure it will save them, but it’s fun to watch. (Well, apart from the part where they are also self-destructing the economy so that should Labour win there will be even less money left than there was in 2010. And probably an imminent crash. That’s not so much fun to watch.)


What’s John Oliver doing standing behind Trump in that first photo? TRAITOR!


This is straight out of the fascist playbook. All sides are morally equal, there is no truth. So go with the strongman who will advance your tribal interests.


This is it right? I mean, we’ve hit bottom, right?


Alt-left? I guess that means that a good “mainstream” leftist should just stay home and quietly tolerate the fact that literal Nazis are marching in the streets.


Well, if Putin’s goal was to destabilize the US, he FUCKING NAILED IT.

This is an abhorrent presidency, and it’s pandering to the worst of us.


I think we just jumped out of the plane without a parachute.


Well, that didn’t take long.


Trump shoots self in foot, belatedly removes bullet, picks up gun and shoots other foot.


You know, he’s even worse than I thought he was.

I now have no problem believing his father attended that Klan rally in the 20’s.


Literal Nazi sympathizer.


Was hoping the headline was click-bait hype. It isn’t :frowning:

Dunno how it’s still shocking, but a grown ass man said these stupid things with a straight face. That man is POTUS somehow.

What the fuck?


“Alt-left extremists surround candle lit vigil from inside peaceful gathering”.


Trump is all over the map in his Q&A with reporters with this one. NPR shows a transcript of Trump’s insipid scree re Charlottesville: