Trump repeats claim 'both sides' share Charlottesville violence blame: Left has 'pretty bad dudes' also


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I know the “r-word” is not politically correct, but I’ll say it anyway: Trump is retarded.



Yeah. Because left leaning folks are known for exclusion, racism, violence inducing, gun toting, and overall douchebaggery. /s


May as well use this again, just in case:


Cheetos tinted nazi say what?

Here’s the way I saw Charlottesville:

Nazi/kkk/racist/confederate/numbnuts/morans: Jews will not replace us! 14 words! 88! Death to all black, brown, yeller, queer, libtard, RINO cucks! We want to deport or genocide you all! grrrrr!

Everyone else: Not without a fight, asshole.

tRump: see there is violence on both sides! both sides! very fine people!



Apparently any kind of resistance towards fascists makes us the real nazis.


If he positions himself midway between fascism and anti-fascism, would that be called semi-fascist?


The really bad dudes do business with mafiosos and Russian mobsters.


I read just this morning that the president* is holding a conference call with a group of Jewish leaders on Friday in advance of the Jewish high holidays. Several rabbinical groups have already announced they’re boycotting it due to his earlier comments about Charlottesville. Any of those left who have any self-respect (or at least an instinct for self-preservation) should skip the conference call and replace it with a clear condemnation of this apologist for Nazis now that’s he’s doubled down yet again.

What’s strange about his choice of words is that some of them rescue the President from ninjas.


Has anyone checked if tRump can still fog a mirror lately?


The right appears to be all-in with Trump regardless of religion:


Il Douche and his shirtless Russian hero even seem to share a pet sect of (extremely foolish and short-sighted) ultra-Orthodox Jews who downplay the dangers of these right-wing nationalist regimes.


You need a 19th century sconce or street lamp? Who said that? I didn’t. You’re nuts! But many people do. So come on down to Trump Illumination where our prices are as crazy as you are. Trump, the best name in gas lighting.


It’s a false equivalence. The racism and hatred from the alt-reicht* far outweighs any misdeeds on the part of Antifa.

That said, as with any large group, there are some bad folks on the left. There are plenty of dissatisfied youth who are looking for any justification to get violent and take out their frustrations on the world. The ones that I’ve seen firsthand self-identified as anarchists, who came to Toronto from out of town (the ones I met were from Quebec) during the G20 meetings, and tore up the downtown area where I lived. In interviews and meeting some of them in person, they weren’t as much excited about any cause as they were about causing mayhem and getting away with it. Certainly some of the same kinds of people are joining Antifa because they just want to punch someone, and why not a nazi?

I file those idiots in the same mindspace as I do the youtube-exposed neo-nazi kid who said he was just kidding and did it for laughs. I wasn’t convinced, but perhaps some of each of their misdeeds can be chalked up to their youth and lack of understanding of the world.

*I googled this (“alt-reicht”) after it popped into my head and I’m shocked that it isn’t a widespread term, with only 2,250 results, and only 2-3 on the first couple of pages that are relevant. Perhaps it should be more widely used.


Then you know now what you must do*.

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it…

* You might wanna lose the “t” though; misspellings may be why your query didn’t turn up many results.


I have the same disdain for the attention-seeking violent anarkiddies that you do, but they’re really a tiny subset of the current antifa protestors. The fascists, on the other hand, are all violent thugs, and they’re pushing an eliminationist ideology rather than just trying look cool and edgy for their friends by torching a decommissioned police car (which the cops helpfully left out and unattended after calling the media).


Also one of my favorite recent mini-sketches from LoadingReadyRun:


Not really cool to slander people with developmental disabilities by likening them to the President.

May I suggest any of the following “R-words” instead?



Leftist “bad dudes” in action: