Alt-Right Rally And Counter Protest In Berkeley


We should talk about this.

The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes

Not sure if you can view this album without logging in to Facebook but some of the interviews in here are worth watching.


Predictably many of the same people who filled with righteous indignation by the public punching of Nazi Richard Spencer are vehemently defending the Nazi who publicly sucker-punched a 90-pound woman.



I was reading many many comments about that last night. Yes, she said some things on public media about coming back with 100 Nazi scalps but assault is assault.


Boo! How about Twitter? I think it’s mostly the same videos.


Shitty alt-right logic: She called me a name–I get to bash her face in.

Any chance those dumbasses want to hold their Ignorance Rally in Baltimore? Yeah, didn’t think so.


I kind of doubt that particular Nazi had been reading her social media feed. Even if he had that wouldn’t be a mitigating factor unless she’d actually attempted to scalp someone.


Oh, this guy?


What’s crazy is that both groups have so much energy to spend attacking each other. What if they actually worked towards a common goal?

edit Or is that the puppetmasters’ master plan? Keep them fighting each other.

raises one eyebrow to indicate mystery


Is it even possible for them to work together, with one group being dedicated to the literal extermination of members of the other?

Myself, I tend to draw the line at working with people who want to kill me.


Isn’t that kind of like saying “what if the Axis and Allies worked together toward a common goal?” The two groups are more or less defined by their opposing goals.


I get you…but how the hell did it get so bad? I want to go to this thing dressed like a big heart and give everybody the hugs they desperately need.

me<----gets punched


Or Detroit, or Cleveland, or Chicago, or Houston, or Atlanta…


Oh, but they’re coming to shove free speech down your throat… :neutral_face:


Odd that I keep seeing Alt-Right wearing the Captain America shield yet:


And not just once…


Chuckles. Re: my/@IronEdithKidd’s earlier comment:


Or stabbed and the last thing you hear is someone calling you a literal bleeding heart liberal.


Surely both groups can agree on something. Like, “violence committed by our side is funny and cool, and violence committed by their side is unjustified and reprehensible.”