Ann Coulter cancels Berkeley speech after conservative sponsors back out


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If Trump and his zombie hoard could have protesters attacked and thrown out of rallies, then what happened to Coulter is okay by me.


It’s a big if, though. I would prefer it if everybody who attends rallies was required to abide by a code of conduct which was the same for all parties and groups.


Zero fucks are given ever for Coulter / Skeletor’s Daughter.


Dammit, I had forgotten about Ann Coulter.


Yes, but until then we must keep our minds & swords bright.


I agree with you completely on principle, yet attacks and ejections did take place when a ‘code of conduct’ (read: civility) should have been expected and not have to have been codified in some way.


Apparently, wingnuts demand safe spaces. Sad.


It’s okay. Just a nasty hallucination…


Exactly. Fail to comply with an agreed code (including heavy handed security) should work like football* - the candidate is required to hold his next rally with nobody in the audience at all (and still have to pay for it.)
That proved quite effective.

*That’s football, not American “football”.



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You reminded me of Chesterton:

From all that terror teaches
From lies of tongue and pen
From all the easy speeches
That comfort cruel men
From sale and profanation
Of honour and the sword
From sleep and from damnation
Deliver us, good Lord!

We used to sing that in assembly in our (rather left wing) school in North London in the 1960s. It pretty much sums up Trumpismus.


She obviously doesn’t understand what “Free Speech” is. There is nothing in our constitutional guarantee of that right that says anyone else is obligated to =pay= you to speak at a venue, if they decide they don’t want to after all.


No, they canceled her because of threatened violence by students. That’s the heckler’s veto. And that is why Coulter, as vile as she is, is correct when she says it’s a free speech issue.


Hecklers are not state actors. The constitution says the government shall not infringe upon free speech; says nothing about private citizens.

Just speaking about the law, not about the philosophical notion of free speech.


“It’s about my freedumz to get paid to say the most hateful things imaginable.”
___________Some boney blond lady


Your implication is that only state actors may have free speech.
I see a problem.


Increasingly many had. Before this Streisand Effect kicked in.



The beauty of this country is free speech and it people want to listen to her ideas, they should be allowed to do so. Shutting down someone because you disagree with their view is harmful.