Donald Trump's Guide to Very Fine People

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald Trump rates various Fine People throughout history.



For a lot of them, it’s because of the similarities.


Hey now, this is totally unfair. Trump made it clear, when he was talking about fine people, he meant the imaginary group that was there to support a Confederate statue of a traitorous slaver, and who went to an event organized by racists and just happened to be happily marching along side overt neo-Nazis and… this isn’t helping, is it?


Okay. I didn’t mean to insult your friends and family.


my sibling was going on about q-anon revelations the other day, how ms-13 was on a murder spree, and how antifa beat up an army guy who was a friend of a friend.

that’s the stuff the people i know are focused on. hearsay and rumour.


I still don’t understand why being ANTI-fascist is bad. Do these folks not hear what is coming out of their own mouths?


Anti-fascists sounds kind of OK, but “Antifa” sounds foreign. Possibly Arabic, or Mexican.


Apparently the cops and FBI think the trumpian murderers are anti-anti-fa.

Ie fa


It is because many who use the name “Antifa” are just as fascist as those they oppose. Their beliefs just fall on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I don’t want people on either end telling me what is good to think or what I should be punished for thinking.

Ah yes, antifa is just some huge over reaction. I see.

Would you care to list any historically churches or movie theaters or synagogues antifa activists have shot up practically every month since trump was elected?


that’s a tough one. it matters not what you think, except thought becomes action, and everyone who’s anyone will want to know your motives for what you do.

it is up to your community to call you out on your actions that harm the community. if not they then whom?

the humanitarist ideal is that we should tolerate everything but intolerance. so now what?

antifa is a group dedicated to that concept. the justified flack they draw is that they don’t limit their actions to protests and passive non violence. what are the best tactics to oppose fascism? it’s a legitimate, hard to answer question with many different answers.

the unjustified flack is that antifa is the same (or worse!) kind of group as fascists and white supremacists.

my sibling ( thanks fox news ) believes antifa are violent trouble makers. i cannot dispute there are members of antifa that might be. but it is not the group’s goal. their goal is to resist… fascism.

oto white supremacists are burning down churches, shooting and killing people, sending bombs, issuing death threats, and protecting oh so important confederate monuments to our slave holding history.

i don’t always agree with antifas tactics. but i sure am glad they’re taking a stand.


“Very bad people on both sides” then?


As someone who survived a year long campaign of fascist attacks just for being me while having the police be completely useless, I am fine about AntiFA doing what they are doing. I know I am not the only one.

If people don’t like that, then they might want to look at how government and society systematically fails marginalised people even when liberals are in power. Until then we will fight back against those who want genocide because no-one else will.


Anti-fascists sounds very ok to me!

I do think you’re right about the “sounds kind of Arabic” aspect of the word “antifa”. If a person isn’t inclined to think too much, it’s pretty easy to let the fear of The Other take over. After awhile, the brain becomes addicted to fear, like a drug.

I do like to ask folks (relatives) who say they are “against Antifa” if that means they are really saying that they are “pro fascist” - because Antifa is against fascism. It’s really just that simple.

I usually only get a sputtering barrage of nonsensical outrage at that, or sometimes stunned silence. Maybe, just maybe…I planted a seed.

No, I’m not really that popular at family gatherings. That is fine. I’d rather not participate than have people insist that I’m actually the intolerant one, while a couple of drunken relatives are standing off to the side ranting about libtards and all but openly fantasizing about ways of “taking care of them”.


You might also want to tell them about the American Iron Front, who are effectively centrist AntiFA (although they would never describe themselves like that for obvious political reasons).


Group A did things that were horrific.
Group B did things that were terrible, but not horrific.

Therefore nobody can criticize Group B. They are not doing the horrific things.

This is not logic. It is a false equivalency. Nobody has claimed that members of Antifa have shot up churches or movie theaters or synagogues or malls or baseball games or anything else. But that doesn’t remove the stigma of the thug tactics Antifa does use that I think are pretty terrible.

No it’s not. It’s the exact opposite. It’s a true distinction.

What you stated was a false equivalency, claiming that antifa is just as fascist as fascists.


What “terrible” things have antifa done?


Apparently making actual nazis feel unsafe for marching in the streets is just too uncivilized.