Richard Spencer says that antifa sucked all the fun out of college appearances, calls it quits


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Do I think that he’s really gone?


“Antifa is winning to the extent that they’re willing to go further than anyone else, in the sense that they will do things in terms of just violence, intimidating, and general nastiness.”

Come on, Dickie, no need to be modest about your own movement’s record-setting achievements in all three of those categories, undisputed since 1945.


Some people say Antifa are bad because they are (sometimes) violent. And there’s a lot of print spilled about violence is bad and Both Sides Do It. But the difference is this: Antifa don’t want to turn your country into a White ethnostate where everybody not in the straight, White, male demographic the racist groups favor is a second-class citizen, or not a citizen at all. You can disagree about their tactics, but to me it is not a tossup decision whether to side with Nazis or anti-Nazis. I’ll take the anti-Nazis every time. The Nazi types want to turn the whole discussion into talking about tactics and who is violent, and free speech issues, instead of the press and the public focusing on their really odious ideology and its real-world consequences if turned into political action.


You can also choose whether or not you want to make yourself a target for Antifa. They aren’t attacking anyone based on their innate human qualities like race or sexuality. Can’t say the same about them Nazis.


Well, ain’t that just a crying shame?


Yeah it’s no fun when no one actually shows up to hear you speak, this is his “crowd” from March 8 I think:


If you got into white supremacy for the “fun” then you should have joined the Ku Klux Klowns.


His fee-fees are all hurt?

The master race sure are delicate little snowflakes :snowflake:


Some snowflakes can’t take the heat…


Some? By definition…


And the man in the back said everyone attack
And it turned into a beer hall blitz



Nah…it has nothing to do with Spencer not being able to make enough money off his Tour d’Bigotry. Who funds these guys?


Aw, poor widdle baby, is the big, bad antifa spoiling being the scum of mankind for you?
I´d play the worlds tiniest violin, but I have lost it and I can´t find it without a microscope.
Seriously Nazis are not what they used to be. This guy is a disgrace to the whole nazi brand, he is a quitter. The OG Nazis didn´t quit untill the Commies were knocking on their bunker door.


I suspect they never were in the first place.


The thing to remember here is that violence is only the last resort tool in the antifa box. The biggest and most important one is arranging counter-protests, getting people out there to stare down the nazis and call them by name. Hate groups find it impossible to work when they are outed, when their deceptive advertising is recognised and labelled as such.

And that, dear friends, is what takes the wind out of the sails of the nazis: exposing them, not letting them hide under a fig leaf of decorum. And those that get punched are those who expressed fantasies of beating up minorities.


He has his own money from being an absentee cotton plantation inheritor, and receives subsidies from the government to keep that old way of life around.

For his speaking tours, I’d look at Turning Point USA and Young America’s Foundation.

^^ Robert Spencer in that story, rather than Richard, but they might fund him too.



Anyone else think he just doesn’t want to get punched in the face again? :fist::facepunch: