Covidiot protestors vs. Antifa

Splitting off from these comments:


You mean like the literal nazis who killed someone in Charlottesville and beat others to within an inch of their lives? Or the literal nazis you can see protesting to reopen that you can see in one of our other fine threads? Or the literal nazis who back in 2016 were giving nazi salutes and crying “Heil Trump” where Richard Spence was talking?


You mean the Nazis of the 1940’s, not the Nazis of the 1930’s, then.

We’re trying to stop the current round of Nazis from making the same leap.


They’re there to make sure it never gets to that point again.


To me, these yahoos and antifa are two flavors of the same shit sundae. I assure you, they are just as convinced the stay home orders are the beggining of the american sovietization as antifa is that some prep school idoits with tiki torches are the beggining of the Fourth Reich.


Should you wish to learn about what antifa actually is and what it stands for, I can recommend the following:


Watching, will take a bit.

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Then you haven’t been paying attention. This is not a grass roots movement. It has been engineered by billionaires to distract and deflect from what the epidemic has exposed: that the wealthy are not what makes America work. It’s the workers who make America work, and the wealthy are the leeches.

And the unintentional irony of your statement is this: antifa is made up of the folks who bag your groceries, who pull, package, and deliver your Amazon orders, and the nurses who care for you when you’re ill or injured. They’re the ones who make America work. Which you’d know if you actually knew anything about them.


Anyone that thinks the workers are not an integral part of the economy is a simpleton or a toddler. Just like anyone that does not know there are powerful interests and money behind this movement and many antifa operations.

I sir, are neither a simpleton nor a 2 year old. All my comments about these guys and antifa are about how the useful idiots percieve their role, not an essay on the inner workings of the shadow puppeteers.

Now I will go back to the antifa homework I was assigned by nightflyer. You are distracting me.

I would guess you’ve had a chance to complete your assignment and I’m not distracting you from it anymore? Great.

The money, marketing, and organization behind the lockdown “protests” is documented. It’s the usual DeVos, Koch, and Mercer crew. Who do you think are the “powerful interests and money” behind antifa? Specifics, please, not some amorphous “the Left!”

Oh, and,



These conspiracy theories about the Amish are unbecoming of you.


You really believe that the Antifa movement just sprung up organically and was not cultivated, funded, and supported by powerful groups and interests just like this group is?

Stalinist party, and it had been largely controlled and funded by the Soviet leadership since 1928

No doubt, when the Koch brothers no longer fund these idiots and it’s just them running arround in balaclavas, planning operations from their mom’s basement, they will also claim to be ”grass roots”

From the article you referenced.

“ The modern Antifa groups have no direct organisational connection to the historical Antifaschistische Aktion.[5]

The group ended almost 90 years ago. Neither Russia nor the Koch’s would be funding these groups today - they’re funding the alt right etc now.

Got anything on funding in say the last decade to support your statements?

  • I said cardinals and bluejays are both birds.
  • A bluejay lover says, no they are not, they are not they both eat very different food.
  • I say, but they are both birds and when they were young they both ate the same exact food and provide evidence.
  • A different bluejay lover says, but now, now they eat different food.

Back to my original point before the deflection. Cardinals and Bluejays are both birds:

Since it’s your thesis that they are funded and organized from the outside, the burden is on you to show the reasoning and background for that assertion, not for others to prove a negative.

If you could back up your stated equivalence argument with even a tiny shred of evidence, it would go a long way. So it’s not a high price. One could argue it’s barely even table stakes for having that “intelligent discussion” you seem to value.


I said that these fools and antifa are looked down on by their respective main stream groups and the BBS Antifa Defense League came to the rescue. That’s cool, I can live with the fact that some don’t see, or understand, or want to ignore the parallels but I won’t waste any more time trying to clarify my point.

That’s nice but my response was to your flippant attitude concerning gun control laws. You appear obtuse to how easily guns are purchased illegally through apparently legal looking transactions.

Your arguments about ANTIFA were largely unsupported and mostly just aspersion being cast.


Antifa in a nutshell: White Supremacy is bad. Nazis are the enemy. We resist fascism, with violence if necessary (though we rarely carry firearms).
Covidiots in a nutshell: Social distancing is bad. Medical professionals are the enemy. We resist measures designed to save lives, and do not hesitate to use our firearms to threaten those who get in our way.

Pretty piss-poor comparison IMO.


But you didn’t waste any time trying to clarify your point to begin with?

You could at least point out the bad actors within antifa who are just out to break some stuff, but they’re criticized by other antifa regularly because it’s purposely not a cohesive group with centralized leadership or funding by design. That’s a lot of evidence against powerful behind the scenes funding.

Meanwhile, "liberate " groups sprang up nationally on Facebook within miniutes of each other and have media groups coordinated with their protests to record the whole thing. That speaks to deep pockets and connections, not to mention the actual receipts.

Just equating the two because you say you like neither is just a bad take. You might as well be like that guy on here talking about how antifa is bad because anarchists performed acts of terror in the 19th century.