Unite the Right Jason Kessler was punched, attacked and chased at press conference

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No sympathy; reap and sow.


I didn’t like that. I’ve been on the other side of stuff like that without doing anything to deserve it but be a socially inept kid. I don’t much care for group-think violence.


Punching? All I saw was a giant unmovable youtube ad after the first half.


You can almost smell the point at which he soils himself while scrambling through those flower beds to escape.

I’m having a hard time condemning anyone in that mob. I’d like every Nazi in America to feel that kind of terror for publicly espousing their ideology.


Hmm, this might be part of what’s wrong. He organized a rally, he didn’t kill anyone. Blame the asshole in the car and anyone else that started fights. but if you feel violence deserves violence, you’re no better than that guy in the car.


Pretty sure this Nazi sympathizer and White Nationalist was punched for a reason. That said, violence only begets violence. But you can’t reason with the unreasonable, either. We’re kinda stuck here. The reason the bigots keep trying to secure events at public universities is the First Amendment. They’ve already been shut out of privately owned venues.

I think it’s time to take a more officious approach. For example, the last time the Klan tried to protest in Ann Arbor it cost them so much money that they haven’t tried to do another one, and that was back in 1996. The trick was to make the Klan pay every last dime the city was going to incur in expenses to host their hate parade.


He enabled the Nazis who rallied, giving their platform the appearance of “legitimacy.”

I repeat:

No sympathy.

“Blame” solves no problems, but I will waste no tears on anyone who encourages evil and inhumane behavior.

Sure, because my lack of sympathy for someone who willingly enabled bad behavior is totally the exact same as committing vehicular homicide.

Nice “logic” there.


If he Unites the Right into running and hiding - I can live with it.


Golly, who could have forseen that getting a bunch of angry armed bigots together to defend a symbol of slavery would end badly?


At some point we decided to stop talking to the Nazis and instead we decided the thing to do was send our military out to go kill them. I think that was the right decision. Violence does indeed beget violence which is why these racists sons of bitches had violence brought upon them.
I respect the calls for non-violence and peace in response to white supremacists in our midsts but please try to remember that it was not the pacifists who stopped Hitler.


A rally which was for white supremacists. A group that, at best, want people like @Melz2 and many others here, out of the country. At worst, even ignoring the terrorist automobile attack, there were an overwhelming number of people at his rally that openly advocated for the death of many groups. One can do immeasurable violence without ever raising one’s fists.


Oh but haven’t you heard? He’s an “Alt-Left Plant” who the SPLC notes:

Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

SMMFH at these people.


Honestly, I’d be somewhat relieved if people like that only wanted people like me “out of the country,” rather than preferring that I cease to exist at all.

But somehow I’m “equally as bad” as the guy who actively killed 1 person and mowed down another 19 with his car; because I’m not all “Kumbaya/let me turn the other cheek” when the guy who started all this current mess gets socked in his mouth.



Yeah. I was asking a lot from

in having it stand in for “this is their stated position when they’re trying to pretend to be reasonable and it’s not only irredeemably unworkable* but also still odiously racist and dumb”.

* Anybody with any sense (including any if the racists with a surprising remaining cache of same) should realize that any attempt to create “racially homogenized” countries would involve forceful relocation that would quickly devolve into the mass extermination that they “secretly” want.


See! See! Both sides are equally exactly the same! And calling Nazis Nazis is a hate crime! And liberals are the real racists, and terrorists, and witches too! Teach the controversy!

Oh, and Kim Ba Yah is Kenyan for “kill whitey.” It says so on The Internet!


It’s called incitement, my friend. Encouraging others to hate, to commit acts of violence. This asshole wanted to hurt us, intimidate us, so let him see what it is really like to be hated.
He is a bully, and bullies deserve our wrath.


Oh for shit’s sake. Get a grip.


You mean on the reigns of his high horse?


Fuck that shit. He condoned the actions and people like him congratulated Trump for not bothering to mention it.