Racists cancel San Francisco rally


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That’s funny that the racists moved it to Alamo Park. In my mind Alamo Park will always be Dogsh!t Park as it seemed no dog owners ever cleaned up their animals’ effluent. Times may have changed and I noticed they were reworking the park a few months ago, but I hope they step in more than a few steaming piles, since they are ambulatory piles of excrement.

Still, any day we get to say ‘f!ck you nazis!’ is a good day!


Make Nazis afraid again.



News conference in Alamo park, you say?

Dog lovers, assemble!


“We’re so upset that they’ve correctly characterized this event!” he exclaimed.
At least some of the invited, “headlining” speakers are extremists, so pretending that’s not a fair characterization is either disingenuous or delusional - i.e. “oh, they’re not extremists - they’re not Nazis, just racists!” Apparently the thought of being swamped by counter-protests has scared off a lot of white supremacists hoping to have rallies, and the fear of being held responsible for violence breaking out probably isn’t making it more appealing, either.


Freedom of speech, baby!


I guess there will be a lot of people out cleaning up dog poop at Crissy Field tomorrow.


I absolutely believe you.


So has the Supreme Court ruled that a dog pooping - or the relocation of dog poop, is protected speech yet?


Well now we know who the real victim is, quelle surprise it’s a man talking about patriotism!

with a bonus DOUBLE GADSDEN!


Whaddya wanna bet this is a ruse…? I hope the counter-protesters show up just in case.



They are allowed to protest. However we are allowed to protest their protest. They see that they are truely a minority nobody wants around except racists.


NPS made a statement that the permit had been surrendered.


They have the right to speak, but no right to be heard. We need more marching bands in on this. Horn sections have never been so sexy.


Is he wearing a don’t tread on me hat standing in front of a don’t tread on me flag?

That’s putting the shtick on a little thick…


So the idea is to move from SF across the Bay to Berkeley in hopes of a more subtle and perhaps less “liberal” reception. Maybe they think less people will protest over there?


Good luck fuckers! You’re going to need it.


If you can keep the numbers up, you can keep the violence down. Nazis attack when they feel strong.


He went all in; he even has the motto printed on the soles of his shoes.


I agree.

My point was more along the lines of “SF is indeed very “liberal”, but Berkeley is that taken one step further with a definite propensity to protest”. Good luck with hoping for a lesser response from Berkeley than you would get from SF.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and vans full of Alt-right a-holes will skid off the bay bridge on the way over.