Report claims CHP colluded with Nazis who organized bloody rally of racists in Sacramento

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Can we compare their membership lists?



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Stop using the word “colluded”! Use “conspired”.



SA marschiert …

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Such secretive pacts are becoming as common nowadays as they were 100 years ago. Witness the secret collusion between racist neo-nazi groups and the local police bureau as well as with Federal DHS agents in “liberal” Portland, OR.

The shit’s gotta stop!!


And don’t forget the Greensboro Massacre.

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They aren’t even bothering with secrecy in a lot of cases.The J20 prosecutions used evidence from Oath Keepers and Project Veritas. Cops love fascists.


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This coverage is horrible. It relies heavily on quotes from Yvette Felarca, a profoundly unreliable source. It doesn’t link to any of the documents that allegedly contain all this damning evidence of police bias.

Keep in mind the context here.

TWP, a bunch of racist fuckwits, get permits to hold a rally at the Capitol in Sacramento. Which they are allowed to do. Their announced intention is for the rally to be peaceful.

Felarca and BAMN hear about the rally and publicly announce their plans to show up and prevent the rally from happening, using “collective power through mass militant direct action”. In other words, they openly declared that they were going to start a riot and beat up the rally participants.

If Group A is holding a rally and Group B announces plans to beat up Group A, yes, I do expect the cops to protect the free speech rights of Group A. Even if they’re a bunch of fucking Nazis. I also expect that, in part, this will involve communications back and forth with Group A. This is the “collusion with Nazis” screamed about in the headline.

The day happens. 30 racists show up. They’re armed, because they’d be stupid not to be. 300 antifa show up. They’re armed, because they want to beat up racists. A riot starts. By all accounts the antifa started the violence. Various people get injured. Various people get arrested. One racist and three antifa get charged.

Maybe the cops should have stepped in earlier, maybe not. Maybe they should have charged more people, maybe not. It’s a tough call even in hindsight.

One of the people being charged is Yvette Felarca. She publicly called for people to show up and start a riot. She was captured on video punching a TWP guy, not in self-defense. She is charged with assault and rioting. Straightforward, right? That’s what she did. It’s crystal clear.

But no, she declares that she’s being singled out and persecuted because cops hate it when people protest against racism, and calls for charges to be dropped, and cries to every reporter she can find, because occasionally she finds one - like the author of this piece - who will write sympathetic pieces. I mean, check out this quote, from the same author:

“The 47-year-old teacher was handcuffed, jailed, and later, to her shock, charged with assault, inciting a riot and participating in a riot over her involvement in an anti-fascist demonstration at the California capitol more than a year ago.”

She was “shocked” to be charged with assault? After punching a guy on video? And she was arrested “over her involvement in a demonstration”? No, she was arrested for assaulting people and starting a riot. If she’d called for a peaceful demonstration, and not punched anyone, no one would be arresting her.

I live in Sacramento, so I’ve followed this story a lot. It isn’t a matter of good people vs bad people. Everyone involved are horrible people. The only possible exception is the cops - I dislike cops and rarely give them the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve yet to see any sign that they grossly mishandled this particular situation. Maybe when more court documents come out, we’ll see that they behaved horribly too, but I kinda doubt it.


Pretty much this.

It seems that BAMN stands for “By Any Means Necessary”. A video of the incident can be seen here:

Right, it’s the people who are against genocide and world domination through the purification of races who are fundamentally violent. Nazis and white supremacists always mind their own business and never go out lynching people and killing six million Jews. /S

You know what, I’m not sure nazi scum should be allowed to speak. They have nothing valid or worthwhile to say, other than “Sorry. Please forgive me.”