Counter protest seeks to leave field covered in dog poop before bigoted assholes arrive


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How about we just throw the dog shit at the nazis instead?


Does it have to be dog poop? Asking for a friend.


Don’t worry, oh ye concern troll! The counter-protestors plan to return and clean up the fecal detritus shortly after the neo-Nazi fuckers are done marching in crap.<<

While I also hate Nazi assholes, if these guys are anything like the people who have been putting up protest signs all over DC for years, that park is gonna have a lot of dog feces for a few days after and the city will have to clean it up. And the protest will likely just cancel or move anyway complaining about how they aren’t safe.

I’m with the above commenter – bombard them with crap while protesting. Or use the internet to find out who they are and where they live, then leave it flaming on their porches.


I’m a San Francisco dog owner and I love the idea of exploring creative ways to protest Nazis but I have my doubts about this plan. As it is, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area has spent the last few years pushing for new restrictions on where and how people can walk their dogs. This isn’t the kind of action that would be likely to win park management back to the dog owners’ side.

On a more personal note I used to have a part-time job working for the maintenance division of a city government and I grew to have a very deep resentment toward people who left disgusting things behind in parks (including but not limited to dog poop and dirty diapers).

ETA: Plus the “Don’t worry! We’ll pick it up afterwards!” rings hollow. Even if all participants can remember the exact spots where their dogs pooped it’s a lot more difficult to pick up dog shit after it’s been stepped in.


Yes, do this. It conveys that you are the better, more rational, person. Even better, do as one here suggested, and throw the dog shit at people. You will surely go down in history as the light in the dark.


I’m pretty sure there’s a chapter in ‎Sun Tzu’s The Art of War that boils down to “Do not wait for the enemy to come to your poop. Instead, bring the poop to your enemy.”



“We will send your friend or enemy a healthy helping of some of the nastiest, stinkiest, fresh poop packages you have ever seen. We have several varieties of poop that we can send, including a special poop of the month.”



What could possibly go wrong?


Couldn’t they plow it under and plant the field with weed?


I can’t wait to live in a world where both sides do shit like this before every protest!


This will take about three minutes to escalate to broken glass and caltrops.


Incase you forgot who has embolden them to gather…


How about the Nazis retaliate by each bringing a bag of their own poo, to be emptied onto the ground after they’ve trampled all of the dog poo into the grass?

That way, they can make the antifa scum literally shovel shit for them.

As satisfying as it is to imagine Nazis being so revolted by their rally site being strewn with dog poo that they just give up and go home, I just don’t see it happening.

And it leaves the door open for some ugly oneupmanship :poop:




Pinwheels disapprove!



What a dogshit crazy idea


BTW, I carry US Flag toothpicks in my wallet to mark any poop that I find on my walks.
Yes I am Patriotic but I do not like to step in poop. Funny? but many times the flagged poop is missing when I walk back. My wife says I may get arrested for littering by leaving the flags. But I think the message is clear.
Be responsible for your shit America!


The fact that you, and many others cannot differentiate between these blowhards (i.e. the current day Nazis) and the Nazis of the 1930s and 40s, is… frustrating.