YouTube hides The Atlantic's coverage of "Heil Trump" salutes at Nazi speech


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Willing to bet this was flagging and not purely algorithmic.


my outrage is not in Youtube and how the handle the video being view-able or not…my outrage is with a group of “Americans” DOING NAZI SALUTES AND SAYING HEIL TRUMP!!!


Computers are bad at recognizing sarcasm and related to context.


I could see why Richard “totally not a Nazi” Spencer would want to bury that video.


Paging @Hamster, @tlwest, @Timoth3y, and @strokeybeard. Please come defend your totally innocent, not a nazi at all, free speech advocate from these scurrilous accusations.


Not necessarily mutually exclusive. There’s a very good chance this was flagged by white supremacists. They’re the one’s who actually benefit from its suppression. After all, YouTube didn’t supress the Nazis; they suppressed journalists reporting on the Nazis. That seems to be a pattern on social media. By leaving it up to context-blind algorithms responding to flags, the system tilts in favor of the less scrupulous side, which in this case are the Nazis.


The Joke Defense:

The Vonnegut Counter:

My commentary: Give me proof that he’s pretending.


Users who want to easily help flag and (hopefully) remove fascist content from YouTube are encouraged to try out the open-source No Platform for Fascism Toolkit extension for Chrome and Firefox.


Nazis are not Americans, no such thing as an American Nazi, if you Nazi, you can’t be an American. So say I.


That’s according to the Atlantic.
However, many copies of the clip will show up when you search either YouTube or Google.

I posted a copy of it to my G+ stream with the comment “A reminder of who trump’s base is”


Yes. A corner-cutting simplistic algorithm working off completely unweighted flags in a contextless world without regard for the reputation of the poster.

Google has enough brainpower working for it that it’s clear from incidents like this that content moderation is simply not a priority there (or at Facebook or Twitter, for that matter)


but even though they’re nazis who really uses hail as a word anymore?


I mean, I wish it were true… but:


@beschizza, this might be the most eloquent thing I read all day, and is such an apt description for the whole social media landscape.

«…instead of treating all this stuff as something nerds can solve with algorithms in service of short-term PR goals. »

Well phrased!


There’s also this report, about friend’s of Spencer’s “bodyguard” shooting at protesters after a Spencer speech in Florida.

After a shot had been fired but before arrests, the Texas branch of Patriot Front stated on Twitter that all its members were “safe and having a blast in Gainesville.”


Umm… what?

The free speech issue I’m concerned about is that when YouTube censors the video under “hate speech” it robs the public of crucial information about a white nationalist / alt-right / Nazi. Blocking this reporting can let him slide under the radar. That’s really, really bad.

Spencer can get fucked.


Yep, just keep on defending Nazis “rights” to free speech, it’s a real good look.

Friendly reminder:

I have zero faith in Youtube or any other tech company not being riddled with techbro douches. The guy at Google is just the one who got caught.



The only “crucial information” about a white nationalist is ‘has he been punched in the head yet’ or ‘frequently’.