Are Jews people? Find out after the break on CNN


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What. The. Fuck.




Christ, what an asshole?


I, for one, am just that, a soulless golem. Is that a problem for anyone?
I’ve got rights too, ya’ know!


If this character represents “people”, then I would say that Jews are better than people.


[please Scotty beam me the fuck up]


Maybe if we bend over ostentatiously for these Nazi fucks, they’ll leave our families alone?


I wonder if Sacha Baron Cohen feels slightly responsible.




I’ve seen quotation marks repeatedly used here on the BBS around “Jews.” :no_mouth:


Gotta teach the controversy by giving equal time to both sides of the debate /s



“Are Jews people?”

C’mon, it’s an honest question.


Man, satire is getting a bit heavy-handed these days.


Buuuuut corporations are people? Well now that that is all cleared up lets ride this hand basket all the way down.


I think it’s about time for people on the left to start stockpiling guns, too.


I HATE to be the one to come in and make Spencer look like less of a monster…it pains me to do so…but CNN’s reporting there is off base.

The quote was not referring to Jews (directly). He was referring to political commentators that were decrying Trump’s chances of winning through the election - insinuating that they were protecting Jewish interest.

As reported here:

Not that there isn’t plenty to be insulted by there. And not that there isn’t plenty of other flat out antisemitic garbage in what Spencer said. But CNN does NOT do their point any favors by blatantly re-contextualizing that quote.


Meanwhile, in the alt-right division of The Onion…