"Protestor" sucker punched at Trump rally—then tackled by cops


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This is 2016, right? Didn’t we get past the 1940s? and 1950s? and 1960s? Hell, didn’t we get past 1984?


No, we did not.


What the actual fuck. Please, please stop this madman.


It’s too bad we’d probably have to wait until after Trump was elected for things to get bad enough to pull out the “can’t we get beyond Thunderdome?” jokes.


We’ve always been at war with Mexico Washington Mexico Washington.


Whole lotta empty seats at that Trump rally.


On a positive note, the guy who threw tomatoes at Trump got away with a $65 fine. (Yes, he was white.) Which sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Maybe we could get a kickstarter together to fund a group of protesters to throw tomatoes at the same time. For a few hundred bucks I’m sure we could get a big enough crew that ONE is bound to hit him.


Drumpf will be his own undoing, count on it.


Yeah, that Hitler comparison is looking more and more apt. He has his own crew of brownshirts, and cops are among them.

Alternate, less Nazi-related comment: So they punished the guy who was attacked rather than the attacker? Maybe they have a promising career in our public school system.


Perhaps they could throw hats, shirts and cloaks as well.


The puncher should be arrested for assault. Does Anonymous still help figure out who people are?


FWIW, the linked article includes a statement by local police that they were not involved. So whoever the “cops” were, they weren’t actual law enforcement officers.


Undocumented Polish construction workers?


Not local ones. But probably badged officers from nearby forces.



How bravely patriotic to punch someone while they’re being held! Such courage!


Another angle of the assault. https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/707960833733603329?ref_src=twsrc^tfw


It’s not uncommon for off-duty cops to pick up extra work doing security gigs. The local police department said it wasn’t their officers who were involved, but like @IRMO said that doesn’t mean they weren’t actual cops.


I guarantee those cops were carrying more than a single bullet in their shirt pocket. So nip that comparison in the bud.