Seattle nazi one-punch knocked out, reportedly removed armband when he awoke


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ETA the incident reported happened back in Septemeber 2017… not sure if BB picked up on it then.


You know who else instigated fights…


Taking out the trash.


BB. A directory of what?

ETA: that armband. Did he do it to piss off Joey?


Looks like he picked the wrong “game” to play:


Some people consider schadenfreude to be a wonderful thing…


I added that to the top of my post but the cache let you beat me to it.


That and punching nazis


Obviously your reading comprehension is suffering as a result.


Warren Ellis, on punching Nazis:

Sign from the recent Portland counter-protest:


Indeed! At least one of mine, too. He was in the battle of bulge and spent time in Germany in the immediate postwar period.

Not sure about the other one, though. He served primarily in the Pacific during the war, and then was in Europe during the occupation.

If you actually listen to the things they say and the things they have done, they most certainly do.

Jumping off the roof with an umbrella is a stupid idea. White supremacy is a dangerous ideology that needs to be stamped out for good, preferable prior to the concentration camps that ICE is running turn into death camps.


Schadenfreude doesn’t really cover it for me. Genugtuung is close.

The act itself? Punching a Nazi?
Wonderful thing indeed. Should be done more often. Even if they don’t wear that armband.


Pretty sure it did, but I’ll take an aniversary Nazi punch.


My grandfathers spent their youth killing Nazis in service of our nation, to keep them from our shores. I should honor their efforts by punching Nazis where they rear their head here.

One should not feel safe walking around in this country with a Nazi armband.


Either way, doesn’t matter - it’s about them having opportunities to flourish. They were underground in Europe, and they’re shaping electoral politics there, and they were given opportunities to hold rallies/speak publicly about their views, relatively unmolested here, and they are shaping politics here.

We’re sitting on a powder keg BECAUSE OF THEM. They’ve been allowed to flourish and brought out into the open by Trump’s racist rhetoric. But they never went away. They just were less likely to be accepted in polite company for a short while and were marginalized by a society that decided enough racist bull shit is actually enough. Now there are people who are in places of power dismantling the gains of the mid-60s, and pushing against any and all attempts to level the playing field, and THEIR GUY is in office, with a view that the president is literally above any and all laws.

Too bad that didn’t work for the past 50 years.

Exactly! that’s not a conversation, that’s a fucking threat. Full stop. And as you said, nazis just want to push that threat out to when they hold power.

And Welcome to boing boing!


This wasn’t a guy with a Hugo Boss cosplay fetish.


…or with a MAGA cap? It’s only a matter of degrees after all. And the distinction isn’t exactly huge.


I can cut slack for the MAGA cap. Degrees are important. Plus you don’t want to tire yourself out needlessly.


Interesting. So American authoritarianism is acceptable - but German authoritarianism isn’t? Your “line” doesn’t seem so clear to me.


I see your Genugtuung and raise you a Backpfeifengesicht.