Neo-nazi assholes seek to chase Jews from Whitefish, Montana


Yes, its only the eastern halves of washington and oregon that skew conservative, it’s not like much of the states are rural, majority white, and (much like the cities of this area) have a history of being racist as hell.


Doing my part to enpurple Spokane…


Strength to you. I still remember Spokane as the “big city” but the last few times I flew in there… Well, can’t say I miss it.


I get those letters to sell my house all the time. Am I being harrased because I’m a liberal in Texas? Because I have a beard? Or is it agents trying to drum up business?


We’re conditionally white, and, then, only the Ashkenazi if the phenotype comes out right. Sephardi, Mizrahi and the rest of the family tend not to have that luxury. But we’re only granted the sociological categorization of “White” under certain conditions, and those conditions have just been revoked in the majority of the US–if they applied at all in the first place.


Portland rioted for a week. Oregon has legal weed, stripping and panhandling as protected free speech, and an openly bisexual governor – Texas, it ain’t.


If they had any they’d have better ways to spend their time.


Suddenly? Jews have only been white-by-assimilation since maybe the 1950s. Before the war, most people thought of the Jews constituted a separate race (‘Semite’ is a racial term distinct from ‘Caucasian’ in the old view). This was a key element of Nazi ideology.


There’s an eastern half?


I’m not up-to-date in american raciology but weren’t people of irish descent once treated similarly: white when convenient but mostly not?


Lots of nice folks in Whitefish.


I do recognize that Jews weren’t always considered white, but in my lifetime (since the mid 70s) and especially growing up in New York City, it never seemed that way (except in history books and from my grandparents). Now, things seem to be changing in large parts of the US.


Oh, I know–I grew up in a nice suburb in a neighborhood that was mostly Jewish, and I’ve been fortunate that I can say that anti-semitism was not a big force in my life–not like it would have been for my grandparents, for instance. But, as we are seeing with a resurgence of all manner of bigotry, it is never really so far away.


It strikes me as a really appropriate time to re-read history. We don’t dare dismiss trump as just an ignorant manipulator. This isn’t just about trump, it’s something far darker and vicious than him that has been given an opportunity to show it’s ugly face. He himself is just an opening for true evil to seek out and poison to air of democracy and a free society. I believe there is something to fear from his rise to power. He is ill equipped psychologically to tolerate or respect people who challenge his babbling, hate-infected speech. He is at heart a coward and when challenged he will seek support from any source that that will back him. The far right is simply using him as a tool. He needs to be openly challenged and opposed every time he spouts his hateful rhetoric while we still have the legal right and mechanisms to do so. I really hope I’m wrong to be as afraid as I am. I fear this may be one of those times when I am right.


The irony was not lost on me. Now I’m hungry. Thanks.




this is a repeat of a comment I’ve written elsewhere but i think is highly relevant
The weird thing about 99.99% of Confederate flags is there all wrong, the dukes of hazard style one was made in the 1950s not the 1860s. They always talk about the heritage but its the wrong flag!!

here are the real ones

1860 to 1863

second 1863 to 1865 if its not clear on a white background but that flag is on a large white panel…same as the third try without the red stripe.

third 1865

there was a unit that used it as a battle flag but it was oriented 90 degrees to the version you see today and had a long gold fringe. the other unit was in the army of Tennessee, again a unit battle unit not a national flag,The current version came about by racists fighting the new civil rights movement in the 1950’s needing a symbol and made it up. Its like a Disney version, not historical. So keep that in mind next time some one says its true heritage or some other nonsense.

One thing i really really really wish the left in america would do is stop burning flags and start to carry them, next time the clan show up with there fan film flag meet them carrying Sherman’s battle flag, or for any pro black group to carry the 54 mass battle flag.

Sherman’s battle flag, this would send a strong message and remembers kids your just celebrating your heritage, two can play that game.

54th mass battle flag also would stand out and have real meaning confronting the kkk.

Other examples of union battle flags, i especially like the one with the confederate getting attacked that would stand out…

or Irish units

at the very lest you will get serious news coverage by doing this and offer a counter narrative…

also wear the union hats next time protesting trumpeters, kkk, or nazis. that starts to make it clear what going on.


The eyes of whitey, I’m only white until all the poc leave a room, then I’m a Jew.


Exactly. We’re “White” until the white people want to remind the Christkillers and “Semitic infiltrators” of their place–as a buffer caste of Outsiders and ablative scapegoats against the underclass. It was what we were used for in Europe and it is what we were used for in the US.


Wow. And to think I had finally blocked out that meme, too.