Neo-nazi assholes seek to chase Jews from Whitefish, Montana


I know you didn’t mean it like it sounded but as a mixed race part jewish person, I was kinda hoping for a little more solidarity when dealing with the “Let’s lynch the darkies and jews” mindset. I’m sure you are really pale but emphasizing that you are not swarthy really doesn’t help us swarthy types much.



No, I definitely didn’t mean it like that. I know there are all sorts of
Jews who look different and have different experiences. I was only talking
about my own experience growing up sheltered from overt and covert
antisemitism. Only now I am being hit with the fact that it never really
went away, not even in the US. I realize that I was lucky.



white is more a political construct than a color. consider that white skinned children of slaves were often still slaves. these folks believe they are of a certain background, and they want to use their already existing privilege to grab yet still more privilege.

their presumed identity is pretty much all they going for them, so they want to exclude everyone else of a different identity: liberal elites, blacks, jews, you name it.

none of these folks are going to be publishing results of their genetic testing any time soon. everyone is mixed to some extent, true “race” - whatever even the heck that is, is besides the point for them.

this is all about power, and i’d bet the dude at the center is loving the press.



Sounds just like where I lived until the middle of 4th grade. (At the same time there were 2 African American kids in our school.)

And then we moved to Texas…

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You’ve got it right, though; Trump is a revival of the Slave Power. They were suppressed in the 1860’s, but they never went away.



i hope your serious.
Next time show up with a flag, or better yet flag’s, make sure you know the history of the unit dont use the 1st cav as that will have problems
sherman’s flag or a favourite unit, you can carry a reqular stars and bars flag and a battle flag. i can see the photo already. think what that will look like, a civil war era flag unit amazing!



What, both of them?



You are correct, “Irish need not apply” was a real thing up here in Boston…



that pic is hilarious!! would be great to make a comedy short



Would someone please enlighten me about what my Jew Agenda" is? I’m always the last to know…



Clearly you need to stop missing the secret world domination meetings.



They’re gonna march through town with guns. . . .

So, if “the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a guy is a good guy with a gun”, who would the NRA claim is the good guy here?

And what if someone set off a bunch of firecrackers while they were marching through town with their guns?



My guess it has something to do with growing up, being satisfied in life, living with someone you love and maybe raising a family. It can’t get more insidious than that.



Not as much as in the popular myth, no.



I’ve grown to expect that boingboing headlines are always at least slightly exaggerated. I followed the links in the article. I read it in full. And I was really disappointed to find that there is no exaggeration. I really had hoped that it isn’t quite that bad yet, but this is really as bad as the headline makes it sound. :frowning:

Calling anyone who runs a website named “Stormer” anything but a neo-Nazi never made any sense at all, not even as a pretense. By naming their website after the original Nazi propaganda newspaper, they are dropping all pretense and not pretending to be anything but neo-Nazis. I believe the term “alt-right” refers to those who still claim that they aren’t neo-Nazis, whether decent people believe them or not.

Apparently, the existing laws are written or interpreted in a way that an “armed protest” in the name of an ideology best known for the racially motivated slaughter of millions of people does not count as a “threat” of any sort in court. Maybe someone should reconsider that.

I agree about setting a precedent, though; the specific bans against Nazi ideology in Austria and Germany work because they were introduced after the war, as a lesson learned from history, and not as a ban against an ideology currently gaining strength.

I think this might stem from the mixing of American race terminology with Nazi race terminology.

The term “white” (or rather, the German word “weiß”) never figured that prominently in Nazi ideology and among German-language racists in general. The Nazi’s main Feindbild - their idea of who their enemy was - was the Central European Ashkenazi Jews, and they are not distinguishable from other Central Europeans by skin color, so the term “white” was never very useful for the Nazis.
I never caught my grandmother (who was a supporter of the Nazis back then) using the term “white” as anything but as a direct contrast for “black”. She never used “white” in contrast with “Jewish”.
For all the finer racial distinctions, the Nazis (and other German-speaking racists that came before them) had different terms. Here is a map. If the nazis wanted to dehumanize someone, or to praise the virtues of their own race, they surely had plenty of terms to pick from. “White” was rarely used, and “Caucasian” was nonexistent.

So, the exact meaning of the word “white” is an American cultural definition which started out independently of who the Nazis chose to be their victims. Originally, the slavers who used the term “white” didn’t care much either way about Jews, and the Nazis who used the term “Aryan” didn’t care much about black people. Hence the confusion.

That sounds suspiciously like the Homosexual Agenda.
It’s also what my grandmother did after the war.
It’s uplifting to know that Jews, LGBTQ people, and former Nazis can all conspire and work side by side towards such evil goals. Also, I want in on that conspiracy.



It’s already illegal to threaten people with violence. Free speech does not cover that. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get law enforcement to investigate or prosecute it. Doing that is the answer, not trying to make particular ideologies illegal.



I agree. I march with one in every protest. People ask, I say fuck that they can’t take my flag. Plus it confuses the cops to see a 40 year old guy with an american flag on that side of the barricades.

I agree with the 54th Massachusetts, and, honestly, hometown unit.



Once you decide that an “armed protest” is illegal then you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to break it up and provide the kind of spectacle that that movement feeds upon.

American culture has enshrines guns as a check against government overreach, but what that has meant in practice is that any extremist group has been free to stockpile a military-grade arsenal and bide its time for a political climate unstable/sympathetic enough to let them use it. Now that that day seems to be dawning, I’m afraid there’s no way to stuff the genie back in the bottle — not that the current government, at least, is likely to undertake.



That’s when you want me around.

–white devil



Whitefish is already pretty Jewy. It’s generally served after services at my old shul…