Trump praises mass-execution of Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs' blood


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Generic 2016 US Election Cycle Recycling Bin

What should Trump be dipped in?

ETA: Perhaps this should be posted in games instead…




Molten gold?


I cannot fathom this fuck.


ooh! Chlorine triflouride!

(there are a couple other flour*'s that i’m looking for that are even worse)



Dioxygen difluoride?


ah, there it is. Dioxygen Diflouride




Who would have thought that Trump could teach so much about chemistry?


A 55 gallon vat of lube.


Well, he is a really big asshole…


Got to keep the parts from chafing.

an olympic sized swimming pool full of jello would be hilarious. it has to be lime though.


Soaking Trump in hydrofluoric acid could be a public service and a teaching moment.


just not in a bathtub, you need to use a plastic barrel. we all learned that from breaking bad.


And no glass. Hydrofluoric acid eats through glass.



While never having been big on facts, Carson and Trump are doubling down on urban legends and Internet rumors. The Republican party has become quite surreal.


not to get too morbid, but it sure seems like staging a perfect murder would be hard as hell. as in, you have to verify the people that want to solve it are either overworked or just don’t care. well, unless you are a despot with noone to answer to.