Donald Trump on whether his Muslim database plan is Nazi-inspired: "You tell me"


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Holy Shit.

I know there’s bell curve and all that, but where’s the upper half to balance out this crazy?


I feel like I can barely tell the GOP candidates apart anymore (except for Trump, who was already famous). They’re just this heaving mass of bizarre, non-factual statements. Maybe it’s because I absolutely refuse to believe that Trump can really get the nomination and there’s no other clear candidate.


How hard do the Republican candidates have to be avoiding looking reasonable to not look like a reasonable alternative to Trump?


To borrow from Terry Pratchett,
Some people exist merely to prove there is such a thing as the extreme ends of the bell curve.


Next up: armbands


Oh they have gerrymandered themselves into such safe districts of frothing at the mouth base voters that barring an internal revolt of the party it is very possible he could get the nomination.

Part of me is all pass the popcorn as this train wreck will be fun to watch and another part of me is why does this train wreck have to happen in my country?


Actually, some people exist just to remind us that over 40% of people agree with them. Sorry if you thought humanity was better than this. That we haven’t had a repeat of the holocaust is just an accident, it can’t be attributed to our good natures or our knowledge of history.


Man. Making Jeb Bush sound like rational, decent person has got to be the world’s worst superpower.


Right? As much as I enjoy the comedic relief of el trump, the rational side of my brain is screaming that jeb had better get the nomination. He is a major asshat, but he isn’t stupid and evil.


Oh no I don’t, part of me thinks we can be… One of my favorite podcasts is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and he pulls no punches on the crazy brutal stuff humans have done to each other in the past and I always come away thinking we are still not that far away from going back to that.


Trump and his ideas are clearly bad, but we shouldn’t let Democrats off the hook for the policies that feed on this kind of appalling bigotry. With the millions of people who have been killed by the U.S. while Democrats and Republicans share power, Democrats are certainly more polite about it, and sometimes provide more nuanced rationale, but that doesn’t make them much different when it comes to the final results. Trump’s rhetoric is especially inflammatory and easy to identify, but the stick-and-carrot routine carried on by the Democratic Party, “graveyard of movements,” is equally insidious.


‘He is a major asshat, but he isn’t stupid and evil.’

C’mon you’ve gotta give me stupid.


Well, if nothing else, it’s good to have a unadulterated look under the hood of the American Id, lest we become lulled into believing there isn’t a shit-ton of work to be done.


O. K. Mr. Trump, since you asked…

Yes. Yes it is.


No. I know.

I just want to believe that we can be better than this. Also: maybe (just maybe) instead of repeating the exact same mistakes we’ve made before we can try making all-new and exciting mistakes. Just for a change.


That would be the Democratic Party.


Let’s meet in the middle and agree to use ‘fact and reality challenged’ :imp:


Those 40% sound dangerous to me. Can you not track them in a database? There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases. You should have a lot of systems.


Is this guy actually trolling the U.S. people? Maybe it is a bet?