"High agitated" Trump shouts at NYT reporter asking him about sex assault claims: “You are a disgusting human being”


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BTW: Will those who endorsed, then unendorsed, the re-endorsed, now unendorse again?



Kerry is not a war hero.
Obama is not articulate. He needs a teleprompter, in fact.
Clinton has no stamina, folks.
And Trump is not a disgusting human being.

I think they call it projection mapping, or something.


This is just one of the many that have endured tRump’s unwanted advances, viewer disclosure, it’s disturbing.


Rachel Crooks, then a 22-year-old receptionist working in Trump Tower, says he forced a kiss on her in 2005…

Don’t change reference frame in mid-paragraph! I thought she was 22 now, and already had a rather startling career.


Of course, damning testimony is only true if it is damning to Hillary. Everybody knows that. Any damning testimony that makes Trump look bad is purest lies invented by the biased liberal media.

Sadly, there could be a procession of 100,000 women with tales of abuse and assault, and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to the Trumplings at this point. The 35 years of intense propagandizing we’ve seen on the far right has created an hermetically sealed, Toxosphere of self referential wingnuts. Talking to them is like shouting through a sealed bulkhead, and they will not hear what they do not want to hear.


It’s Republican Senators who sweat the most since they aren’t shielded from the ire of the left wing voter like House Republicans are (who are themselves supported by the very same voters who back Trump), yet they’ll get punished by their own voters if they seem too moderate.


What does needing a teleprompter for prepared speeches have to do with being “articulate?”


The more the behaviors of this orange idiot are revealed the more he and his slavering worshippers lose control of the thin veneer of humanity they claim… I know it’s too much to dream but a collective head-exploding stroke out could be possible. He really loses it when common mortals rip holes in his god delusion. His whole body language and face just radiates rage and fury and his vicarious followers absorb his wound as well. I just hope when he becomes completely undone his bloated body isn’t hovering over the nuclear button.


I know, right?


At this point Trump knows he isn’t gong to win, so he’s trying to do as much damage as he can while he can.


Trump’s just anti-teleprompter because they don’t let him say as many of the vile, racist, sexist, antisemitic, xenophobic, fascist, tremendous things he says when he speaks from the gut. /s


Here’s hoping this damages him just enough so Clinton wins in a landslide and the Democrats take over the House and Senate. Damage him too much and Pence takes over as the candidate, and it becomes a competitive race again.



I wanted Sir Laurence Olivier, but oh well…


Those things aren’t vile, racist, sexist, antisemitic, xenophobic, or fascist. That’s just the “let Trump be Trump” strategy in action!




Reminds me of Dr. Seuss’s “The Sneetches”, who ran around and around getting a star put on their bellies or removed from their bellies so many times they forgot whether or not they had stars to begin with.