Trump involved in 3,500 legal actions, making him most litigious presidential nominee ever


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This number is unprecedented in scope for any presidential candidate in U.S. history

Who’s number two?


More importantly, who does he work for…?


You beat me to it, dammit.



I can’t stand the fellow, but anyone with that big of a portfolio in the hospitality and construction business is going to have an endless treadmill of lawsuits for and against him.


For Drumpf, the lawsuit is the modern equivalent of the duel; it’s a way to crush a detractor. Politicians used to fight duels, and that was seen as a belligerent low-class thing. Drumpf said himself he believes he could shoot someone without consequences… Now we’ll see how this plays out with his belligerent low class supporters.


That averages out to more than two lawsuits a week, every week for 30 years.

It’s a wonder that he has any time left to do anything else.


USA Today reported in the linked story that he and his companies have been involved in over 3,500 legal actions over the past 30 years. There are currently about 50 cases open involving him or his companies. Not 3,500.



I’ve yet to be involved in one and he’s averaging 116+ per year. If USA Today is on your ass, you’re pretty much a douche.


Even more so when they engage in unethical and predatory business practices as a rule of thumb.


Bold, but true words.


See, he’s a job creator.
Just think how many lawyers he will support if he…
Well, you know, if he…
I just can’t say it.


Thank you for not saying it.

I believe that things can be spoken into existence, even if the words are spoken ironically.


That makes sense, but wouldn’t a guy with that many suits have an undue interest in passing tort “reform” that would help himself?


Ugh. And ugh. Because six characters.



That’s a lot of potentially useful affidavits and disclosures and transcripts for reporters who want to break a good story.


That’s a new one every 3 days… so some excitement on Saturday and then again on Tuesday and then again on Friday… The number of current lawsuits isn’t that relevant when you’re cycling through them so fast.


The clickbait headline made me snigger, but reading the USA Today article was an anti-climax as their only benchmark seems to be other presidential candidates, as opposed to other individuals with a similar career, i.e. same level of investments in the same industries etc.
Imagine the democrats had a surgeon running for office and a newspaper reported that no other presidential candidate has had three patients die on the operating table.

The USA Today article is still worth reading in terms of their more qualitative analysis of Trumps leadership style, plus the discussion of potential conflicts of interest … aaand that should have been the BoingBoing headline.