Trump's civil fraud trial begins in New York

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He didn’t have to be there today so I’m going out on a limb by saying he sees it as yet another campaign fundraiser opportunity. Shame the judge just tossed out the cameras. Shame that.


*milieu (milieux is plural)


Trump’s strategy so far is to rant about the prosecutor, Letitia James

I know this is commonplace now, but how is it OK that Trump is able to mock and taunt prosecutors, or judges, or reporters, and it’s all fine. Or is that the point? That’s what Trump’s fans want?

The mean spiritedness really gets to me.


That is exactly what Trump’s fans want.


The cruelty? Yes. They love a bully.


It works fine for him as a political strategy because his followers are terrible people who eat that kind of thing up.

As a legal strategy, not so much. For a rich well-connected defendant he’s had an absolutely terrible track record when it comes to outcomes in court, in part because he keeps going out of his way to piss off judges.


Disagree. It’s not out of his way at all: it’s a well-worn path he could follow with his eyes shut.

Being a loudmouth bully and Othering people is his default setting. Keeping his mouth shut is “out of his way.” I’m sure his rotating team of attorneys wishes otherwise.

He’s in Blustering Asshole Mode by default. Zero effort, lazy. Sad!


Enjoy squirming in your seat motherfucker.




I’ve read that lashing out at the judge/prosecutors is a prt of his team’s strategy. Keeping pouring gasoline on in the hopes the judge shows the slightest bit of annoyance during the trial. His team could then file a claim of bias and get themselves a new judge who might be more sympathetic. Truly gross, but thin-line legal.


Asset valuations aren’t highly subjective.

The whole point of accountancy and the law around it is to make valuations as accurate as possible, partly to prevent exactly the kind of fraud Trump is accused off.

Even the relatively nebulous concept of “good will” has rules for valuing it.


… at least until the judge throws him behind bars on contempt of court, but we’ve not seen that quite yet. Typical bully- full of bluster and anger, but becomes an absolute coward when confronted directly with the actual authority who can punish him.


@Brainspore I happen to believe you are right. But are they all terrible though? Is it just misogynistic xenophobes all the way down? I mean at the people level. Perhaps this is how liberal thinking works, but I just can’t understand, and it makes me wish we could all just get along.

Agreed on court outcomes, and this bench trial likely won’t go well. But the supporters just chalk it up to the prosecutorial overreach just to get Trump. Sigh. The convictions go along with the mocking and taunting. They only help, somehow.

Our collective inability to douse this font of flaming garbage frustrates and exhausts me.


Every single Trump supporter is at the very least okay with his misogyny, xenophobia and fascism.

Every. Single. One.


how is it OK that Trump is able to mock and taunt prosecutors, or judges, or reporters, and it’s all fine.

I see the precedents being set here, that it is now OK to mock, verbally assault, and attempt to intimidate judges, prosecutors, and jurors, and wonder how long it will be before a gag order on, say, a terrorist or gang member is opposed with citing the Trump trials and all the stuff he is blatently getting away with. I don’t see how any court, on appeal at least, can make such an order stick without the cognitive dissonance making heads explode. But then this is post-rational America, where emotions rule and feels are the true law of the land, right? Or are we still pretending to care about equality, justice, and the rule of law? Because the courts clearly are not.

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My kid is fond of saying that “when someone shits in the pool, you get out of the water. You don’t keep swimming just because it’s at the other end.”


Yes but I live here. I guess I should seriously consider leaving.

No, I don’t think so. Just don’t swim in the Republican pool. We’re all going to have to…pardon me… drain that swamp.