New York Times responds to Donald Trump's lawsuit threat: bring it on


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Tomorrow’s headline please: “FUCK YOU DONALD! -NYT”


If nothing else this election cycle has proven that traditional print media organizations are still critical to our society even if the printed format itself is dead. TV news organizations sat on this story because they were afraid of getting sued while real journalists are finally stepping up.



Just re-print the same article again, word-for-word.


…every 24 hours, but with names of new accusers added as appropriate. I think it’s up to at least five women now? This is going to look more and more like Cosby as time goes on.


What’s the type set equivalent of a mic drop?



“We welcome the opportunity to have the court set him straight.” Much more polite than Arkell v. Pressdram but still funny as hell.




Or perhaps:


I think the latest tally is actually closer to 11.


In other words: the women are claiming Trump did exactly what he bragged about doing, so how can it be libel when he said it first and they are just backing up his braggadocio?


Maybe a real-time ticker on the NYT website then.


In the end, it can only be good for him that these women are coming forward to back up Trump’s claims about himself.*

  • Trump 2016!


It’s amusing to see how outclassed (in several senses of the word) Trump’s legal team seems to be. If Nixon couldn’t scare them out of printing the Pentagon Papers, I don’t think that they’re going to cower in fear from Trump’s lawyers.


That would be:


…That would be the New York Post’s response. The NYT is going to say the same thing, but all tony and shit with big words and lawyers.


Trumpster Fire


Needs some gold plate.


All this brings to mind the saying that you should never get in an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

I think the New York Times should stage an event dropping an actual barrel of ink.