FBI report shows thousands more hate crimes in Trump's first year, a record high


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In news that will not surprise anyone who ISN’T A GOD DAMN IDIOT, hate crimes in America are way up under Trump. Says who? FBI.

FTFY Xeni. Not that it wasn’t wrong before…but I feel like the distinction matters :slight_smile:



There are still people trying to argue “no such thing as a hate crime.” Thank God the FBI seems to disagree. I only wonder about undercounting.


Trump is a businessman. He’s not about incremental progress or equivocation, he’s about results, and two years into his term those results are starting to materialize. Here, at last, are numbers that he can point to, numbers that unambiguously say his administration is having an impact. And it’s not just his success- his base has been hard at work making these numbers happen. All across this nation Trump voters have been pushing the envelope and coming out from under their pointy hoods. They should take a victory lap. Preferably, off a cliff.



Hey, finally, something Trump can honestly claim he is the best at.



thousands more hate crimes in Trump’s first year


Thousands of hate crimes, constant murder by police, never ending mass shootings, kids in cages, a bomb dropped every twelve minutes.

The price of civility and compromise.




Relevant. Well. This is one asshole where some justice was served (I think the original post is closed).


Remember when Homeland Security released its report in 2015 stating the biggest threat to the domestic U.S. was right wing militia groups and the conservatives made them bury that report? This goes much further back than trump. trump was just the fat ass fugly match that lit the fuse.


These numbers are effectively just samplings that are only accurate in that they show trends up or down - the actual numbers are much higher. These are number compiled from local law enforcement data. But 80-something percent of the law enforcement entities who pass along their crime statistics to the FBI list no hate crimes at all. Clearly they’re happening, they either just aren’t being recorded as hate crimes, or that information isn’t passed along to the FBI.

I vaguely recollect some stuff like that happening during the Clinton administration, even. (Broad definitions of “terrorism” still managed to avoid right-wing groups.) And it’s not so much that downplaying right-wing political violence started there, but it was simply continuing.




Yes, I do remember that happening in the Clinton terms. But I think it was mostly after Waco and the incidence in Idaho when that white militant racist got blown out of his cabin in the woods. There was a hell of an awful lot of right wing backlash for those actions. For me, I thought it was what needed to be done. Disarm the right wing miltia terrorists. If it takes sending in heavily armed forces to deal with them, and actually killing them, then do it. That’s the life they choose, let it be the way they die. One less white terrorist to worry about.


This didn’t start with Trump but he sure does seem to enjoy pouring gasoline on the fire.


TBH I was expecting much, much worse.

But no amount of verbal bigotry, vandalism, beating or “just kidding” signalling like those turds in Baraboo were doing is tolerable.

Let’s keep the upper hand on these fuckers. Keep taking pictures. Keep getting them fired, tried, and charged.


Well, yes.

I don’t think anyone who was any kind of minority (black, queer, native, jewish &c) was under any illusion that everything was just hunky-dory prior to Trump.

And blaming the sad state of current affairs on Trump is overly facile. For sure he is making it worse, but in many ways he is one of the logical conclusions to the policies of division that the right have been using for decades. He didn’t come out of nowhere.


The roots of this go all the way back to the Atlantic slave trade and the genocide of Indigenous America.

The Trumpists aren’t an aberration from American history. They’re the natural consequence of it.


Thanks Trump