FBI randomly releases documents from Trump's 1973 racial discrimination case


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Wait I thought he was all buddy buddy with the FBI… guess that didn’t last long.


Comey’s a crooked GOP partisan, but he’s an establishment GOP partisan.


Discrimination is awful, but at this point it’s starting to feel like piling on. Could we just stick to treachery and lies for now?


strange things are afoot at the Circle K





At this point it’s starting to feel like the folks on the inside tipped the scale for Trump, reasoning that they could destroy him later and end up with something establishment that wasn’t democrats/clinton who (however unlikely) could have been challenged by resistence from their base to be less hawkish.

I think it is worth wondering at this point what would the intelligence community had done if Sanders was elected president. Trump is his own form of madness, but could we also be seeing the playbook for what any non establishment type president looks like?


No. Sanders might be non-establishment, but he’s not a narcissistic idiot.


FBI randomly releases documents from Trump’s 1973 racial discrimination case

Payback is a bitch, ain’t tRump?


A lot of pages in this file are pretty much unreadable from how crappy of a copy or scan job it was. Not only faded text but there’s a ton of “static” all over most of the pages.


Maybe they were going to pop end of October, but he held them back in order not to interfere with the election?


Q: So if “draining the swamp” was fork-tongue for not really disrupting the dominance of vested interests, what’s the catch phrase gonna be for not really taking substantive action against racism?

A: “changing the sheets”


Moby made a call.


Buddy-buddy with one faction (the NYC branch, which has historically had… issues). I think there’s an internal revolt going on in the Bureau. Not that I have any proof, but it looks like a toxic company in a spin.


Mid century (45-1987) paper is some of the worst to preserve. At 40 years old, it’s in the disintegration stage, and the idea of acid-free had not made it into documentation preservation at the time those would have gone into file. Those first 20 odd pages from the NY Urban League look like they might have been early NCR copies or carbons, or were possibly typed on not-optical white paper. (Or eep, corrasable.)

Back in grad school, I scanned mid-century medical files for a project. That scanning project was in the late 90s, with a relatively early scanner, using 1960s records. This file’s worst output doesn’t look much different from some of those flimsy records. I ended up hand-typing more than a few docs rather than scanning.


When anyone is elected to the federal government, they very soon receive a visit from an FBI agent. This agent details all the dirt that the agency has uncovered from the politician’s past. Everything.

This is done to intimidate the politicians and to encourage them to behave within certain constraints.

Some people just have dirtier dirt than others.


There isn’t really any reason to release this right now, unless it was in response to an FOIA request or something. Which I’m not even seeing mentioned.

I guess it’s possible this is some attempt to generate some sympathy for Trump? [Edit] Among his racist supporters that is. [/edit] Or even just create a distracting dumpster fire?

If so, I think it’s a terrible idea. Bannon et all could be thinking that meta, but if so that seems unlikely.

It does seem more likely that people either in the FBI or with influence on them want Trump besieged on yet another front, and the only reason I can think of for that is to get him out.

…Maybe Pence influence?


Thanks FBI, about 6 months too late.


How is he non-establishment? He’s a career politician.