Citing Trump as their role model, 2 white guys in Boston beat homeless Latino man nearly to death


Also, babies are far too buoyant to make effective anchors anyway.


And an absurd history - since it tends to be perpetrated by colonials who are also biased against indigenous people.


Come to think of it, you would have to actually know the citizenship of the parents at the time of the birth of the baby, right? Not necessarily just the first baby in a family to be born in the U.S. (which is what I imagined you were looking up). (correct me if I’m wrong pls)

As I understand it an “anchor baby” is born to non-citizen parents, with the parents hoping that the baby’s citizenship helps them to subsequently get citizenship themselves. If the parents (mother specifically, I think) have become citizens before having the baby, then the baby is a “first-generation American” or some similar term. (again correct me if I’m wrong pls)

[actually I’m not sure whose/what definition you were referring to when you wrote “By their definition…”]


So the path to making America great (again) is to passionately beat up homeless people.

Something’s juuuuust not quite adding up there…


Is that fetal alcohol syndrome I see in those brothers faces or is it inbreeding in their clan?

Possibly a bit of both…


You’re correct, hence my weasel-ish “appears to be.” I couldn’t be bothered digging further into Trump’s family history; I’m making an assumption that a child born on US soil shortly after the immigrant parents arrived was probably the first US citizen in the family. Since the influx of displaced/stateless people during WWI, the naturalization process has taken years (with some exceptions, though fewer as time passes.)

I know that in my maternal grandfather’s case, his parents became naturalized years after he was born, so the label fits in that case.

Oh, and I am using the Oxford Dictionary’s definition: “… a child born to a non-citizen mother in a country which has birthright citizenship, especially when viewed as providing an advantage to family members seeking to secure citizenship or legal residency.” One does not have to accept the term as a modern-day pejorative in the same way many conservatives choose to abuse it.


Interesting, thanks for the reply.

Agreed, the term doesn’t have to be used pejoratively.


you must be envisioning a different america than he is.


They should have their citizenships revoked.


They don’t believe in the fetus. They call it Pre-born American Alcohol Syndrome.


This isn’t their first time marching in the hate-crimes parade:

Scott Leader was convicted of a hate crime and imprisoned for one year after
attacking a Moroccan man in Boston days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror
attacks, according to court records. Leader threw a cup at the man, who
was working at a Dunkin’ Donuts, calling him “terrorist” and several
ethnic slurs.


It would be very hard for Trump, seeing as he’s a narcissistic psychopath. He can’t ever admit he’s done something potentially harmful or unpopular, because of the narcissism, and he can say it with a straight face because he’s a psychopath who doesn’t understand that someone else getting bashed in the head with a pipe hurts them just as much as it would hurt him if the same thing happened.


Well… It adds up perfectly, if your vision of a great America is a fascist dictatorship with open killing of anyone not nationalistic enough.


Ask yourself - which would get him more votes from his target audience. Or maybe that is me being too cynical


I’m not even suggesting he try to take responsibility. I’m suggesting even a narcissistic psychopath should realize that those guys aren’t gonna help his brand image. If anything, “I have no idea where those guys got such an un-classy idea but it sure wasn’t me” would be the self-serving response.


“When I’m president, it will be the classiest, most luxurious Kristallnacht in history. We’ll use real crystal; I’m really rich.”


If you are familiar with South Boston it is not. It has changed some over the years, but that guys like that are still around is not so much of a surprise. This is the place Whitey Bulger called home.


They are fascists, like their role model.


If someone did something horrific and said they were “inspired by Obama” I would just say they were crazy assholes and that Obama didn’t carry any blame for it. But, disgustingly and against all reason and sanity, this is pretty much exactly what Trump advocates: old-school racism, the kind that should have died out last century but inexplicably and maddeningly seems to be on the rise. I wasn’t surprised in the least by his callous response to this tragedy- in fact, I accurately predicted it before ever reading it. How can anyone support this man and still sleep at night?


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the guy on the left in ‘gay for pay’ videos.