Donald Trump keeps saying his father Fred Trump was born in Germany. He was not


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Well, what do you expect? He’s just trying to gain some street cred with his brownshirts.


Maybe he’s hinting that Frederick Trump Sr. isn’t really his dad.


He’s confusing his father - the KKK-supporting slumlord, with his grandfather - the draft-dodging pimp.

“When Germany sends its people, they’re not sending their best.”


“My parents were born in the European Union.”

How? Time travel?


Calling it now - freak chemistry between a fatberg and the outflow sewer from an orang-utan sanctuary.


Signs of early onset dementia.


What the hell is happening here? Why is Drumpf claiming his father was born in Germany?

He’s a grifter who says whatever he thinks his mark wants to hear at any given moment. It’s reflex after 60 years. One day he wants to make Putin* happy, the very next day he wants to make his idiot base happy.

[* who’s no mark, but Il Douche thinks he’s the one playing him]


Not so early. He’s 71 and in shitty health, despite what his “doctor’s note” might say.


If any of you have dealt with a real clinical case of a pathological liar, you’ll find this all very familiar.


“I didn’t live in this century, but in this century’s history.”
D. Quayle, time-traveler.


I love that illustration: the superposition of multiple Trumps from multiple timelines. Now to collapse the state vector into a world in which he is not president.


Are… we sure Donnie was born in America? It would explain a lot if he weren’t… All that projection.

This trip of his was so good for crazy quotes. There was that interview where Trump made clear that when he says “many people don’t know” he really means, “I didn’t know.” He was talking about how England, United Kingdom and Britain were all names for the same thing, but he preferred the name “England.” The interviewer pointed out that these were not the same things, and his response was, “You know I know that, but many people don’t know that.” It couldn’t have been more obvious, especially after having made it clear in multiple statements he didn’t know the difference and thought Ireland was in the UK.

What’s especially weird is that up until fairly recently he pretended that his grandfather didn’t come from Germany.


Honestly who thinks any of this matters until somebody actually holds him to the fire. I won’t hold my breath. He’s just lowering the bar (BIGly!)! for the rest of the RWM (rich white men) club. He will not be impeached. Democrats in power will never really shit on him. Maybe make a little bit of theater once in a while. This dude is like their golden goose for qualifying the realm of present and future politics as we know it. Because no one could be that bad again, right ??? But who in power would dare say otherwise, why should they . ‘Merica! ™


Take a hint on from what sits on the head of this presidential Cheeto, fuzz. He’s a cultural fuzzing device providing noise to waste the cognitive resources of reasonable people. It’s sadly defeating our ability to maintain a principled and critical stance. I bet he does get off on this sort of banal hypocrisy, it proves his ability to manipulate perspective. His statement is irrelevant, the reaction that it provokes is what matters to him, the more dramatic, the better-- its entertainment baby!


Uhm, because he is a pathological liar?

I’ve known one of these IRL, they truly do lie about things intentionally to distract from all the times they do it habitually. Catch them in a lie and they will hand you a bigger one JUST TO REMAIN “IN CHARGE” to keep THEIR perception of conversational initiative in their ‘favor’.

The only response is to ignore them, but this one has the button… so yeah, we should fix this.


Okay, now that was funny! I think it might be easier, though, to collapse one of his buildings around him.


I think Trump’s daddy was ‘born’ in South America, cloned from Hitler’s squeezings that got secreted out. The “Boneheads of Brazil” and all that.


I mean…


I wonder how often they have to repaint that sign.