For Donald Trump, internet bullying is a highly effective campaign tactic

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Christie will be a perfect wing-man for him.


Eventually there’s going to be a solution to the whole troll thing. I’m afraid the solution might be to turn off the internet.


Christie could also be heard yelling “Shotgun” for VP.


Too funny as Christie just endorsed Trumpo. Those two do deserve each other.


Christ, what a bunch of assholes.

From AP, where they’re running a smooth-jazz playback of some of the nicer things these two folks have said about one another. My fave, Christie, talking about things he didn’t endorse (then):

MUSLIM BAN: SAY WHAT?: "This is the kind of thing that people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about. We do not need to endorse that type of activity, nor should we." On Michael Medved's radio show in December, after Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.
Way to underscore Our Nation's Unyielding Morality there, jackhole.

Someone make one of those Obama “HOPE” posters for Trump that says “HATE” instead.


Closest I got right off.

When he wins his second term can we just call him “The Don”?


And just because I know BB will enjoy it:


And thats why a fellow douche bag like Christie is now supporting him.


He is a capitalist bully.

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Add “late.” There, fixed it for ya’.


Ahhh. . . the “brown-shirting” of the internet.


I’m not sure why you need the apostrophe on the end of “ya”.

You’re trying too hard, but I’m guilty of that too, so forgiveness abounds…

Bullying often continues when there are no consequences for the behavior.


Christie, what an asshole.


Trying to be cute. Cute’s a place I can barely see from here. How easy can that be?

You say he bullies while you call him a racist, his followers racists by association. You say he personally insults others looks while you make animated pictures of him in awful ways and call him racist in your article link. You try to associate his father with the kkk with nothing from 1920. You said he agreed and then didn’t, but he never agreed but firmly shot down the hateful allegations and guilt by association attempt in that hit article. You sweepingly say he called immigrants rapists and murders, when you know that’s not true, he said among the illegals there are…which is true. You need to self check your own bigotry and bullying.

We, the little people, can’t bully someone as powerful as Trump. That’s not how bullying works.


LoL, one tell of a trump supporter is a lack of paragraphs but the delusion is the real tell.

His followers include open racists, including white supremacy groups who have endorsed him. No one is racist by association alone, but his followers do include many racists who feel a kinship with him.

He does personally insult others looks, just read his twitter feed.

His father is associated by multiple accounts as a member supporter of the KKK, I’ll take the word of a Guthrie over the denial of a Trump any day of the week. His father is probably spinning in his grave at his son’s behaviour. By all accounts his father was openly racist and would be ashamed of his son’s denial about his and his own’s racist views.

“illegals” as you call them, are immigrants, which he has called rapists.

Who is being bigoted when they criticize Trump? No one, not when they are criticizing him on his actions, words and associations related to bigotry. There’s lots of humorous cartoons featuring Klansmen and other types of organized hate groups complaining that (sniff sniff) they are being marginalized because of their beliefs. Do you find them funny, or do you not get the joke?