For Donald Trump, internet bullying is a highly effective campaign tactic


I have a theory about why Christie backed him… it was a big FU to the GOP, I think. But I also think that the bridge-gate stuff came out because somebody in the GOP was punishing him for being nice to Obama… But, I think Christie is back Trump because he knows how much it will disrupt the GOP if he gets the nomination.


He called Mexicans rapists… I think that qualifies as racist.


oh yeah forgot some minorities can’t be racists and little people can’t bully. But that’s when you know you are a racist, when you’re sure it’s impossible to be one. There’s always an excuse for the actual racist. “I’m better, they stole from me, they are inferior, so I can’t be racist, it’s not racism for me”. But there no surer way to know a racist than when they say “what I do can never be racist or bullying”. The article was full of bullying.


Gosh, will all those minorities ever get their boot of the white man’s neck… And man, all those ugly, little people, just ruining the world for the rich and beautiful. /s


Association is not guilt. It’s guilt by association which is hate. It’s painting someone unjustly . Go back far enough and your relatives may have been guilty of racism. It’s slander and that’s hate.


Nope he said some illegal immigrants include rapists and murderers. And that’s true. As well as drug dealer and gang members. Obey the Law.


But assumes that some are good people! You libtards are so unfair.


LoL, did you learn a new word today?.. was it hubris? Aww that’s sweet.

I work hand in hand with “right wing” people regularly, and debate them in person at election time, thy’re my neighbours, kin and fellow Americans (and Canadians) alike, sometimes both. But not if they’re openly racist, violent, homophobic, misogynist or any of the other trappings of hate that have found a hero in Trump.

Everyone knows that racists support many candidates, heck one was outed here yesterday, they support Clinton but seemed to believe that stacking black people in ship cargo holds and sending them to Africa was a good idea and said so.

The rest of your post appears to be a mad ranting on religion entirely unrelated to my post, so if you were responding to me by accident then go ahead and address whoever it was you intended.


Okay… whatever you say.


No one has said “Donald must be a racist because his father certainly was” At least not around here.

They say “There is ample evidence that Donald’s father was a member of the KKK, a known terrorist organization.” and that’s not guilt by association. When Donald denies it yet cannot refute the evidence, that -is- a reflection on Donald and not a good one.

Slander isn’t hate but hate can be a motivation for slander.


so you just bring up kkk because you’re not trying to paint him. good for you


Poor lil nutter, you brought up the KKK, not me.


He does have David Duke’s support, though, now you mention it.

So he’s doing something to appeal to the KKK.


Wow, there’s enough strawmen in there to light a playa in NV. Who exactly are you arguing against?

Edited to add: Hmmm… where did “Mind” go? I wonder if their mention of having been previously banned from BB might have gotten some attention. Anyway, while I appear to be tilting at windmills, it’s only about a disappeared comment.


I keep trying to picture how the general election will play out if Trump is the GOP nominee. One image I keep coming to is his true believers going apeshit if Trump is behind in all the polls, with either Hillary or Bernie beating The Donald* by double digits. It’s not hard to picture them showing up for DEM events and trying to disrupt proceedings. They can complain about anti-Trump protesters now, but I’ll wager the shoe will be on the other foot soon enough, especially if Bernie is the DEM nominee.

(* it’s great how we’re all on first name basis with our Presidential candidates.)


Are you trying to reply to me? Incomplete paragraphs? No, I said “no paragraphs” and is it mocking to observe that a large number of posts in support of Trump here and elsewhere are frequently blocks of angry barely decipherable text?

No I haven’t implied that at all, and you can’t show a quote that says I did.

Earlier you -seemed- to be angry that Trump was getting all the credit for having racists and homophobes and misogynists and such surrounding him, because you found it disingenuous that no one mentions that other campaigns have them too? Is that why you assumed I would imply or believe something like that?

That thing you say gets him votes? (btw you’ve got kowtow backwards there, kowtow is the act of deep prostration, in our culture meaning overstated or undeserved, it isn’t something inflicted on others) You’re essentially saying that people are cleaving to Trump because they want to be free to be racists, homophobes, misogynists and to be so without being criticized for it. Think about it.


There has never been a clearer sign that the GOP was breaking up, and all their shit is going to fall on our heads.


You’re still doing that straw man thing. You may want to take a breath. Spend that moment considering the possibility that the the things you so strenuously object to are figments of your imagination.


Yes, I wish I could have some schadenfreude over the problems they are having, but it’s going to bite us all in the ass, not just the republicans. This is what they get for courting the racists, sexists, xenophobes in our society since Nixon…


Did you just compare Sanders to Putin? In what way is that even remotely true?