Trump gets approval to build another Scottish golf course, despite promise of no new foreign deals in office

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If Aberdeenshire is approving another golf course after Biff’s typically abominable behaviour toward local residents in connection with the first, it sounds like there’s something very wrong with the local political leadership.


Yep. I smell a kickback there.


Is this going to be inland of the currently eroding course?

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation.


I don’t think they’re fudging. I think Trump is once again throwing good money after bad. Golf is a struggling industry, younger people aren’t picking up the sport. Country club memberships are cratering. And golf courses are apparently at the bottom of the list for desired activities in market research from the travel industry.

Post 2008 golf course developments apparently have real problems shifting houses. Most of the ones near here only contain a house or two, the rest being unsold lots that have been sitting for a decade. Excepting those hosting over 55 condos.

As far as Trump goes his Florida courses are apparently doing well. Due to graft and close proximity to major retirement communities. But the public course he manages for NYC (yes) is apparently a money losing disaster. These European courses have apparently seen some of the lowest attendance in the EU, and he’s had to constantly pour money in to keep them from dropping into the ocean. While paying fines and constantly renovating to try to attract business.

Apparently the only growth market is Asia. Driven by China’s new upper class, and it’s still not the young Chinese.


As I’ve said in another thread before: what irks me the most (well, not the most, but a lot) is that he’s calling it McLeod, after his ancestry. The McLeods are famously a Western Isles clan with their seat on the Isle of Skye. The golf course is in Aberdeenshire. That’s on the other side of the country.

For a supposed luxury brand they make no attempts to tie themselves to any kind of authenticity or heritage beyond a very superficial Disney sort of approach. It’s the same with “his” family crest.


I really hope he doesn’t take up residence in Scotland after he’s run out of the US cuz I was looking forward to visiting some day.


Bring rotten eggs, join the locals in a bit of craic?


This is exactly the reason why Presidents are required to give up their business adventures.

Trump has shown zero ability to compartmentalize between personal, business, campaigning, and governmental work. Zero. He uses everything that he can from any of those buckets to hurt people who “insult” him (ie., doesn’t give him exactly what he wants when, where, and how he wants it) in any aspect of his life.

And… cue Brexit. Which, at least for the time being, Scotland is a part of. They are going to be negotiating a trade deal with the USA as soon as possible, as negotiations with the EU are failing.

On the off chance that (suck) 45 is still head of government after next month, if they denied the golf course he is going to have an even worse hard on for screwing Scotland and the UK in the negotiations, and it’s not like anyone with a pulse doesn’t know that he is that petty and unprofessional.

So, sorry, Scotland. I hope after next month you all can figure out how to keep construction at a standstill and bleed his company for so much money his venture goes bankrupt since he is just a disgraced old shit… but I can’t fault Scotland or the UK for this, they had little choice.


You don’t say…




I mean, it’s as much “his” as any of the property or wealth he has “acquired” over the years.

Which means it’s the IRS’s.


This actually makes sense, if he’s using the golf courses to launder money. More golf courses, more laundering.




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