Tired of being gouged, Secret Service moves out of Trump Tower and into a box on the sidewalk

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I thought for sure this was an Onion article.


Out of all the people I thought Trump wouldn’t piss off, I wouldn’t have thought it would be the people who’s job it is to protect his life & safety from the other people who are pissed off at him :thinking:

Even Saddam Hussein treated his security team decently


The Secret Service asks all further requests for comment be forwarded to their new press representative, Jimmy McMillan:


I can see the poor guys, sitting on the sidewalk with a sign:

“Don’t give me money.
I’ll just blow it on
protecting Trump.”


Man. from a skyline view of NYC with all the amenities to this:


That’s got to hurt.


Roll up a taco truck and make it a street dance!


Let the Secret Service go home and the SVR take care of their own.


To be fair, it’s probably a very nice box on the sidewalk by New York standards. Less Hong Kong apartment, more Tiny Home.


How is it allowed for the president to personally profit from his decisions like that?


I would want this one.

It has personality.


Apparently, we don’t have laws explicitly forbidding this. Back when the world was sane, if a President had gone on vacation, and the cost of that vacation was directly profitable to that President (see Mar-a-Lago), the righteous outrage from citizens and legislators would have resulted in some form or censure or impeachment or new laws forbidding it or something. Now it appears to be … okay!

Welcome to 3rd World status, fellow Americans!


“So Bob, How’s you like our new digs?”


$130,000 a month??? Trump must think they are some Russian oligarch trying to launder dirty money via grossly inflated rent…


Looks like greed can even trump the instinct for survival.


We never needed them before, just like the people of New Jersey never needed a law explicitly forbidding the Governor from using beaches he shut down for everyone else.


Every once n a while the "bible’ gets something right: You reap what you sow. If you sow the wind you will reap a whirlwind.

The country as a whole elected a greedy, uneducated, irresponsible, sexist pig and racist, megalomaniac with the impulse control of a six year old, gave him access to nuclear weapons and the public purse and this is what we get.

It has become bad enough that I voted for Bernie Sanders and I am an (cursed by many of you) Objectivist. Sadly, very sadly, he was the most sane of the candidates.

I am surprised there isn’t a series of major earthquakes from where the Founders are buried as they spin in their graces at warp speed over what we have done to the Republic they gave us.

More and more we resemble Rome in the end stages of that “game of thrones”.


It’s worse than not having laws forbidding this - the laws demand this. The laws concerning the Secret Service specify that they can’t take gifts or use resources without paying a fair (market) value for them. They also need to be located near the president, which means on his property. Normally this is not a problem - the president normally spends his time on public properties, or during vacations the service rent space owned by a third party, or a shed on the president’s ranch, etc., so costs are minimal. Trump poses a new problem - the properties are both expensive and owned by him. When flying on his private jet during the campaign, the SS needed to pay him to do so. Spending time at his various luxury properties means the cost of renting space there become astronomical - but it wouldn’t be the issue it is if he a) hadn’t defined his most expensive property as his primary residence that requires extra protection (despite no one spending any time there, now), and b) didn’t spend so damn much time on his property rather than the White House and Camp David, etc. Ironically, after taking Obama to task for the time and money he spent playing golf (which Obama was careful to organize so the costs were minimal), Trump apparently has zero concern about the massive expenses he’s accumulating (or his concerns are more about how to maximize his personal profit from the trips).


But did you support his candidate in the general election? I mean, look, if you’re going to wear Sanders on your sleeve, you might as well admit to voting for Hillary in the general election. No shame in it. Bernie campaigned for her, voted for her. Did you?


What’s even the point in being alive if you’re not milking some sucker for $130,000 a month though?