What name do you use for Herr Drumpf?


Continuing the discussion from A Round Up of Resistance to Trump:

I tend to use “Angry Turnip” informally and “Herr Drumpf” formally (among others).

The wife tends to just to refer to him as “The Idiot”, but she was looking for something that rolls of the tongue and is more related to him.


I use President Trump, because I think he is too dangerous to dismiss with false names - but I happily say that his behavior is unpresidented.


The cold, small-handed reality is that Donald Trump is the president of the United States. If the phrase ‘President Trump’ frightens you, good–because it’s not just a phrase, it’s reality. Donald Trump is the president of the United States. That is not an alternative fact. Call him President Trump, Trump, Donald (he hates that one, by the way), just don’t salve your feelies with pet names. He is the president of the United States. Spread the terrifying truth.


That’s fair and that’s how I usually call him.

In the spirit of the topic, though, when there is occasion to use another name I’ve been leaning toward Donald the Hutt. You know, as a criminal boss with a tendency to short-change contractors, a horrible temper, an oddly orange countenance, a body swollen from a life of gluttony and indolence, and small hands he insists on forcing on whatever women are unfortunate enough to have to deal with him.

I think it overstates the president’s competence, character, and hairstyle, but no analogy is perfect. Here’s hoping he, too, can find himself strangled by the chains he is trying to put on others.


I use “President Trump”. I also used “President Obama”, and will continue to do so, because I respect the Office of President, no matter what I think of the occupant. I also stand for the National Anthem, and observe flag etiquette.


I have settled on Twitler. It’s short, and combines Hitler, Twitter, and also twit (because I think he’s a colossal ignoramus).

I know perfectly well he’s the president, but it makes me want to vomit to type that word next to his name.


Mean Mr Mustard


I may have to borrow that one.


I suppose there is merit to the “Dumbledore” philosophy:

“Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”

I may also still use “Mango Mussolini” on occasion though.


Any of these.

I do particularly like “incompressible jizztrumpet” and “ferret wearing shitgibbon”.

But most of the time, just Trump.


Just use ‘Trump’ usually. Used ‘Obama’ for Obama and ‘Bush’ for Bush (well, sometimes W). Not big on needless typing, and making fun of names isn’t my thing either.


Cheeto Benito

Not my invention, but too accurate to pass up.



Because swearing is big and clever. :smiley:


Although… “former President Trump”, and especially “Disgraced former President Trump” both have a nice ring to them.


Congratulations! You have more respect for the principles of democracy than the democratic principles have for you. You win the prize of a leader elected by the minority to give voice to the hidden oligarchy and stand up for the rich and powerful. Salute with right hand raised high.


I have said before … I know someone like Trump. Obsessed with making sure people were treating him as they should – based on wealth and position at his company (which wasn’t earned and he knew it). What would drive the guy batty would be when he couldn’t quite tell. Call him an asshole – he’s fire you. But do something like calling him Sir, or Boss… it would literally keep him up at night wondering if it was sincere or sarcasm.

So … I’ll call him … Fucky McFuckface.


Depends on the audience. Lower case ‘t’ trump, drumpf, that shithead who is the fucking President, or Apricot Il Duce (purloined from someone here).

I completely understand your point and understand how some might use these to that end which bears cautioning against, but for me these are coal into the furnace.

Bully for you.


Tangerini Mussolini , Annoying Orange, Hair Furor, Marmot Head Hitler, Playgolf Twitler, Donny Tiny Hands, Donald T Rump, Bleached Asshole, and probably a couple others.

Most aren’t mine.


“Ol’ Fucko”, although in absolute fairness that’s how we in Australia officially deem our head of state.



Buscemi approved.