What name do you use for Herr Drumpf?


Realistically: “Trump”. I’ll reserve titles for the unlikely case that I write about him in a formal context.

That said, the idea that people should keep calling him “Vice President Trump” in order to make him resent Bannon has a certain appeal.


Fuckface Von Clownstick or President Trump, depending on my mood.


I’m a fan of “Trumperdink” but generally just use “Trump” if I want to be taken at all seriously.


Mostly just Trump, or Baron-President Harkonnen when I want to get fancy. (I like it because it fits with turning our fair Earth into Geidi Prime, militarily, industrially, and environmentally.)


I don’t know if this name is constructive - he’s not a 1930s German problem* but a 21th century US one. Compare him and his methods to fascist regimes all you like, but don’t suggest he’s not a product of the US society.

* or even contemporary, think of Herr Höcke or Herr Strache to name but two right-wing politicians from German-speaking countries


Kleptocrat Trump.

He has always seemed more interested in being a kleptocrat over being President.



Drumpf…leave it at that. If I ever meet him, “Mr Trump”. He hasn’t earned the respect of the office as far as I’m concerned.


Because swearing is bigly and clever

Fixed that for ya!


This is true, but y’all did sort of clinch that one last century.

A little like how my region of the country is shorthand for progressive race relations.


For me, it depends on the context. Most of the time, I’m avoiding indexing so I’ll use something different and not tied to his name every time. (Apologies to anyone who has a non-creepy reason to index my text. Ask me directly if you want my opinion … Which if you’re indexing, I guess you probably don’t. Spiders Georgina out.)

With President Obama, the vast majority of the media and pundits refused to call him “President Obama.” Not the time or place to get into why. I made it a point to always call him President Obama (unless I was avoiding indexing) because I disagreed with what I felt they were doing. I don’t see that issue being relevant in this case and the people who want to press the issue are mostly the same ones who didn’t afford President Obama the same respect.

I’m reminded of the “respect” conservatives asked I show W. “because of the office” despite eight long years of seeing how they respected Bill Clinton.


Mr. Trump, Trump, Rhymes with Bump, the Orange One, or DJT.


I like “Mango Mussolini”


So, “Bonehead With Power” shouldn’t be considered?


A heart-plug would clash with my ensemble, for sure.



That’s all.


I have seen some folks, here and elsewhere, referring to him as “45,” which I think is a clever compromise that doesn’t deny his office. Bonus points for saving a bunch of characters when tweeting!


Trumpski. We shouldn’t forget that he represents enemy action against the United States.


Never in the history of espionage have the names of an agent and his controller – simultaneously! – been known to so many people… until now.


I don’t really have pet names for political figures I despise. In the case of Trump, it’s either ‘Trump’ or ‘that para-fascist motherfucker in the White House’ (or some other on-the-fly description).