What name do you use for Herr Drumpf?


Poet-historians will be required for just the right touch.



Outstanding. :laughing:



How about "Unfit To Serve"?


Usually Trump, sometimes Easy D. I think I should stop calling him Easy D, though. His tweet about that was clearly just deflection to get us to stop calling him President Pee Pee.


Unfortunately, Dolt Ran Dump is also appropriate.


“This topic will close a month after the last reply.”

Then let’s keep the thread open. Anyone here say Don the Con? Or how about Duce Don?

I’ve started to call him the Liar-in-Chief, as I called GWB the Smirker-in-Chief.


So-Called Ruler Of The United States, or SCROTUS.



Hair Furor

Tangerine Scream

Tangerine Stream

:notes: Hey Mr. Tangerine Man, play a screed on me :notes:


So, to recap, that’s:

Fucking Tangerine Tanned Muskrat Scrotum Skin Lacefront Possum Fur Wig Wearing Atomic Dog Diarrhea Face Ass Man

That’s quite a few characters there. Totally worth it though.

If he has to start out every tweet with "the Fucking Tangerine Tanned Muskrat Scrotum Skin Lacefront Possum Fur Wig Wearing Atomic Dog Diarrhea Face Ass Man says: ", he only has 18 characters left to tweet.


Me too. My grandmother once gave me a stern lecture for referring to that traitor Reagan as “Ronny Ray Gun” during his presidency. (Interestingly enough, she knew the man personally when she was in her early 20s… she characterized him as “nice enough, but not very smart.”) I have to admit I often referred to Bush fils as President Shrub, though.

I tried very hard not to use Donald Trump’s name in any public discourse (such as, on website forums) during the presidential campaign, because I could see that the way his message and personality were dominating the national media made it much more likely (I believe I said at the time inevitable) that he would be elected, and I didn’t want to be a part of that process. These things matter, because historically the person whose name gets in front of the most voters at the lowest cost is most likely to get elected - essentially, left wing news and information sources were a powerful force acting to help Candidate Trump reach right wing voters. There’s plenty of people who will vote for anybody the Huffington Post vilifies; it’s free advertising.

Now that he has been elected, I much prefer to use his name and title. I rather want the historical record to show what people thought of him contemporaneously and what his actions were, so I want future searches on his proper name and title to show the words of his opposition and not just those of his supporters.




Since I recently finished watching The Man in the High Castle, I’m leaning towards Obertrumpenfuhrer.


“That douche bag,” which is odd because I’ve never liked using that as an insult.


Well, on the postcards I’ve sent to the WH, I’ve been using “Occupant Trump.” This is both in reference to what I sincerely hope is a temporary mistake in our history and his role as the leader of an occupying force. While I agree with some of the reasons listed for using the title of president, out of respect for the title, I will not use it to describe that orange shit sack.


you should put “ATTN: President Bannon” on the post cards. That would really frost his tiny “hands”.


Millionaire Reality TV Star Donald Trump


Odumbo, obongo, Donald Hussein Trump, and… who am I kidding, nothing I can say about Trump even comes close in disrespect to what they called Obama.