He Has A Name You Know


I have at various times in this forum called him:

A Circus Peanut.
That fatuous jack-o-lantern.
Orangeface “Let’s make a better deal” McGarfieldPubes

Other names I have called him elsewhere include:
The Combover Comet
That Small-Fisted Mussolini

Please contribute your own.

What name do you use for Herr Drumpf?

That guy who played a businessman in Home Alone 2.


Donut Truck (from an actual miscommunication in conversation)


One of my faves from @beschizza.


The orangutan. Cos he ain’t a chimp.




Petyr “Littlefingers” Bail-out
Orange Whined
Oompa-Loompa Trumpity Dumbass
Con Hair



[quote=“ActionAbe, post:85, topic:82557”]
fatuous jack-o-lantern[/quote]

A nice one from the “Rigged!” thread.


@M_M has a glorious rant in the lounge, including such gems as tangerine cockwomble, Wotsit-faced fucknugget, and my personal favourite, microdactylic maggot.


“Balkan Donkey Cheese” might work.


“weapons-grade plum” (along with about half of Scots vocabulary, “plum” = “testicle”)
“toupéd fucktrumpet”
“evil version of the trash heap on Fraggle Rock”
“dehydrated Oompa Loompa”
“dime store merkin”


Yeah, that slash of poetry is going to be hard to beat.


Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to hear David Tennant reciting some of those?


All the names you’d ever need, in one handy browser extension:


Crime Clown. h/t @Brainspore on the Suicide Squad petition thread about The Joker but it fits you-know-who also.


The Radioactive Orange Glowing Teeny-fingered Button Pusher.


Brainless Maw

ETA: Due credit to Mike Monahan’s metaphorically accurate portrait of Trump:


For reference, here are the lists that that extension is based off of:


And let’s not forget Randall Munroe’s generalized solution, the XKCD Substitutions Chrome extension.