Suicide Squad fan petition launched to shut down Rotten Tomatoes after dreadful reviews

I’d be curious to see the overlap between this group wanting to hide negative reviews of a movie critics have seen and the anti-ghostbusters group that pushed to slam the movie before anyone had even seen it?


Harley Quinn reimagined as dumb psycho sex-kitten “jerk-off material”…

That’s a really bad thing and I shouldn’t like it.


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It’s interesting to see how frantically the studio has been scrambling to make Suicide Squad look as different as possible from Batman vs Superman in the promotional materials.

Here’s a promotional image released before BvS hit theaters, with the now-standard desaturated “dark and gritty” look that’s permeated the last couple of DC movies:

And here’s a promotional image released after the critical consensus that BvS was a joyless slog:

It’s like Warner Bros. is desperately screaming “Wait, come back everybody! Honest, this one’s gonna be a fun comic-book movie!!”


Meh, I can’t really blame anybody for liking a bad movie. Sometimes I like some of the old, schlocky-crazy horror movies, the MST3k-type of flicks.

Asking that an aggregate-review site be dismantled because it doesn’t share the same tastes is NOT something I can agree with.


I decided not to see any of the new DCU movies back when they said that they were deliberately going to strip all of the humour out of them.

My reaction was, “You really have no idea what makes a superhero movie successful, do you?”


Look, you can’t seriously expect anyone to make a movie in which one of the main supervillains is cracking jokes and playing silly pranks all the time. What would you even call him? The Prankster? Crime Clown? Totally doesn’t fit with the genre.


Yet another new band name!


The internet has gone too far in elevating opinions that differ from mine!


It’s probably already a Juggalo tribute band, now that I think about it.


I have to be honest – I give them credit for trying something really ballsy there.

It would have been extremely easy for DC to bring on a young director who could do a reasonable imitation of Joss Whedon and make a breezy, wisecracking, snarky Superman movie (which didn’t do so well last time they tried it). But instead, they made a pair of Superman movies geared towards Serious Fans, stacked to the gills with deeply geeky comic book references, styled after Alex Ross / Frank Miller storytelling, figuring that there’s a legion of fans who want to see a comic book movie treated with some serious gravitas, leaning way more on cerebral ponderousness than action.

Trying to launch your entire superhero cinematic universe with experimentally dour, un-fun movies is quite a gamble.


That’s one way of looking at it, I suppose. My take was “trying to apply the Dark Knight trilogy formula to characters that just aren’t the right fit for it.”


I believe this is the work of a posse of insane clowns.


That second poster looks like they, in hindsight, wished they’d given Baz Luhrmann the first crack at it. I might actually see that movie…


It wasn’t that formula, though, really. Chris Nolan’s idea was to make ‘realistic’ versions of classic characters – a Joker, Batman, Bane, Catwoman, and Ra’s al Ghul who could reasonably exist in the real world. They were gritty movies, but still crowd-pleasers.

The new DC movies are full on comic book films that don’t pretend to be “realistic”, but they were trying to be unique in being deadly serious and Very Important in that Zach Snyder super-stylized way.



Making a movie for hardcore comic book fans is foolish, there simply aren’t enough of them. Just look at sales. ITS ENTERTAINMENT!! Make it entertaining.

The idiocy of getting angry at a review aggregator is beyond comment.


i know absolutely nothing about the comic or the movie other than its preview ad on tv. what stood out was what used to be called T&A, or as the article states, “Harley Quinn reimagined as dumb psycho sex-kitten “jerk-off material””.
i’m 65 and really couldn’t care less when there are so few actually good movies for adults. action films are made foreign markets as much as anything where loud simplistic action movies are popular.



Well duuuh. The Globalists are probably trying to denigrate and discourage true patriotic values, so we don’t all get super-powers and fight back.


Well, if you look at sales, BvS is still the 4th biggest movie of 2016. But its budget was enormous, so it didn’t do as well as something like Deadpool. As I say, it was a courageous experiment, and definitely pleased some fans, but didn’t make the larger audience happy.