Suicide Squad fan petition launched to shut down Rotten Tomatoes after dreadful reviews


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Task Force X !SPOILERS!

I’ve seen the DCs fans online. There are people that earnestly believe there is a conspiracy against DC movies, that Zach Snyder is a visionary, and that Man of Steel is simply above the heads of its detractors. Imagine my surprise when I found a lot of crossover between those fans and infowars.


Ugggghhhhh, their grammar is killing me.


You’re grammar nazism Affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great words.


*Gasp* They’re revealing the vast, secret conspiracy between movie critics to pan DC movies! Somebody stop them! The lizard people won’t be pleased if their plan fails!


You are an evil genius.


Movie message boards are flooded with two groups of people right now re: Suicide Squad…

  • the DC IS AWESOME! crowd, who thinks Marvel owns Rotten Tomatoes and is trying to destroy DC with bad reviews, and
  • the DC SUUUUCKS crowd, who seem to think Zach Snyder directed Suicide Squad and is destroying superhero flicks.

The former can’t understand that Rotten Tomatoes is just a review aggregator, and the latter can’t understand that David Ayer directed it.


Someone call the GGers to their aid! To the misogynobile!


Sovereign citizen or German? At least we know that they like capital letters.


oh you mean this class act?


This is laughable. Let’s just say you got 300 million signatures. Then what? You call the internet police to shut down a website? LOL.

  1. I like DC comics. I loved Green Lantern back in the day.

  2. DC comics USED to have the best comic book adaptation movies around. But lately they are falling flat.

  3. I like some of Zach Snyder’s films, and LOVED the visuals in some of them. Man of Steel is not one of those movies.


Suicide Squad fan petition launched to shut down Rotten Tomatoes after dreadful reviews


Maybe we can start a petition on to shut down for hosting bullshit petitions!


Lock them up! Lock them up!

The age of internet is here and it’s just louder.


(:grin: I couldn’t find my Keanu mind-blown gif)


Aggregators can be detrimental to the industry they purport to serve. Metacritic, for instance, amplifies notoriously shoddy game scoring systems and helps keep them alive. But even so, making a petition to close it is utterly, comically idiotic. I mean, who are you petitioning at this point? The Tsar of all the Internets? Magical wish-granting goblins? Who?

As for Suicide Squad, the movie that, from the first previews, looked to be utterly hideous, turned out utterly hideous? Wow. What a twist! The only shocking thing is that it appears to have fans. No accounting for taste, I guess.


Well, they capitalized Affect. Germans capitalize nouns. I’m going to go with sovereign citizen and brace for inappropriate naval verbiage.


I’d be curious to see the overlap between this group wanting to hide negative reviews of a movie critics have seen and the anti-ghostbusters group that pushed to slam the movie before anyone had even seen it?


Harley Quinn reimagined as dumb psycho sex-kitten “jerk-off material”…

That’s a really bad thing and I shouldn’t like it.


[Repost from the Wonder Woman thread, but relevant here]

It’s interesting to see how frantically the studio has been scrambling to make Suicide Squad look as different as possible from Batman vs Superman in the promotional materials.

Here’s a promotional image released before BvS hit theaters, with the now-standard desaturated “dark and gritty” look that’s permeated the last couple of DC movies:

And here’s a promotional image released after the critical consensus that BvS was a joyless slog:

It’s like Warner Bros. is desperately screaming “Wait, come back everybody! Honest, this one’s gonna be a fun comic-book movie!!”