Warner Brothers want to call a mulligan on the DC Comics cinematic universe

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I’m just glad that Universal quickly realized that their “Dark Universe” franchise wasn’t working and gave up on it.


From article:

…top leadership have been toying with the idea of turning DC into its own solidified content vertical…

…instead of its liquefied slurry downward?


ZS is an unimaginative, terrible hack director, and even worse writer. Batman KILLS! Wonder Woman KILLS TOO! Superman is JESUS - who KILLS! Why was this garbage green lit in the first place?

What’s crazy is half the comments after that Variety article are “Bring back the Snyderverse!”

DC fans, wtf?


It’s kind of amazing how bad Warner Brothers was at making a unified cinematic universe for these superheroes considering that they did such a great job with the DC Animated Universe for so many years. I don’t think Batman: the Animated Series had a single bad episode.

I hope the next reboot is a period piece reestablishing the franchise in the Adam West Batman ‘66 universe.

And Pa Kent—Superman’s moral compass—chided young Clark for saving a school bus full of children instead of letting them down.

It would be like if Uncle Ben’s advice to Peter was “With great power comes a great pain in the ass. Don’t do shit for NOBODY, ya hear me?”


They can go down the well trodden road of “Married w/ SuperPowers” trope, should sell, maybe.


I know I’ll get pushback for this attitude, but any movie starring Superman, Captain Marvel (Shazam), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, the Justice League – and yes, even Batman – that isn’t made for an all-ages audience is wrongheaded. These are superheroes, for crying out loud. If you want to deconstruct the superhero genre, go off and makes your The Boys, Watchmen, Hancock, Unbreakable, The Umbrella Academy etc. Don’t destroy childhood icons just to appeal to 14 year-old sociopaths. Some of us still enjoy heroes being heroic.


While I’d personally concede that BTAS had a few clunkers mixed with the overall brilliance of the series, the Justice League animated series was just about perfect. Both series showed that you can tell complex, adult stories about superheroes without compromising those characters’ values.


And it wasn’t afraid to be funny.

I loved all the silly gags in the episode where Flash and Lex Luthor accidentally switched bodies.


Um… WB is envious of Marvel, not jealous.


I know I’m gonna be sticking my hand into the hornet’s nest here for saying this but going for a cinematic universe wasn’t a bad idea but the way the WB went for it was pretty stupid.

The way Marvel went about things was pretty smart with how they tried to do everything in a unified matter. Down to the extent Marvel studios went out of their way to accommodate communities when local film shoots start to the use of previz (even though it scared away some directors from Marvel projects)

It’s not like DC doesn’t know how to do it. If anything, they had many more years of experience of this sort of thing with well over an decade of Timm & Dini tv productions under their belt. A lot of egos had to be left aside before anything like that can happen which is fricken difficult in a place like Hollywood


I think that there is a difference between DC Fans and Snyder Fans. I enjoy DC’s IP, and feel that Snyder would make a decent cinematographer for a proper director. I quite liked Shazam, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey and Aquaman. I felt that Joker had some good actors drowning in an awkward reworking of King of Comedy.

I liked seeing Burt Ward’s cameo in the CW version of Crisis on Infinite Earth. Batman: the Animated Series is my definitive version of Batman. :bat:

I completely agree. Something like Suicide Squad works with an older target audience; but, the main DCU should be all-ages; but then, what do I know, I like the Gold and Silver Age :+1:


An overtly gay 1970’s Super Friends comedy could be fun…

But DC needs to find a way to respect the characters while still making all ages movies. The grim dark “serious” approach was disrespectful and stupid.

They still have all that Vertigo stuff for adult audiences.




Clancy Brown’s Michael Rosenbaum’s Flash is Spot. On.


That’s you, isn’t it? Don’t be modest, now. :wink:


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I’m concerned about the MCU. After Thanos destroying half the universe, where do you go? I guess their answer is “the Multiverse, so a villain might try to destroy infinite galaxies!” but I wonder if that’s getting too abstract and dumb.

I think eventually TV series will be the format of choice for comic-book-related stuff. It’s closer to the issue-by-issue format, not everything (origin, villain, etc) needs to be introduced and resolved in 2 hours.


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I vastly preferred their first creature feature shared universe.