Try our Trump-in-One-Word puzzle and win a No-Prize!


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It’s mildly amusing to pick out random selections as new words. He is such a Gytmon! What a Carreny! Everytime he speaks, all I hear is Yarroga!

Also, eighth column almost, but not quite, spells “Cogent”.


I thought I had a gem with ‘Cocktrumpet’. (So did one other person, apparently.)
Then I saw ‘Egotesticle’.
I concede.


I found “Gandhi”, like right off the bat.


Rrfnrnrrgg? I know that feel bro.

Though are you sure you didn’t just post the notes for Trump’s next speech?


I found the word “sacular”. That’s a good description of Herr Drumpf, yes?


I’m on mobile and should be sleeping but I got as far as this four word description: “pompous lost Hitler kid” Nice :slight_smile:


Here’s my 13:



Well that was quick.

Lets see how many names we can find that would be plausible in LOTR


I can’t find MEGALOMANIAC.


It’s there, just way down the list. Last I checked, it had three submissions. Either that or it’s a misspeling.


At first glance I saw only one word, and I thought that was the joke.


idiot, arrogant, orange, buffoon, dangerous, bully, pompous, narcissist, Hitler, scary, racist, jerk, clown

Lost, kid, clay, log are all in there for free…




Nurse Freckle says you won the No-Prize. Congrats! :smiley:


Thank you… Thank you… Thank you very much…

I’d like to accept this No-Prize on behalf of all those Happy Mutants who have been an inspiration and support to me since I started coming here. You’re all… beautiful… <*sniff*> :cry:


I also tried to squeeze in “Ass” (which can mean “donkey” and should thus be permissible)

… but you got “CUL” for free! Check with your nearest French-speaker.

also nert, scut, and Onan, which we could take to imply either he’s a jack-off or, to quote the Scots, a “cum-splat”.


Well, they do have “nomty”, which is, I suppose, a misspelling of “numpty”…




“I chose the most fitting 13 out of the 21 most-submitted Trump descriptions”