Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


I guess these allegations don’t have any Creedence.


“Nah, you know me.”

You don’t think they hold any water?


Like many I originally believed Trump had a plan to loose the election, blame it on conspiracy, and profit from the results.

Now that he won, he still has that option by getting impeached. As each absurdity passes by it’s impossible to contemplate how he can loose [sic].

If he goes so bonkers that he gets impeached, then his eventual TV network shit show will do even better than if he had lost the election. All energy would be thrown at republicans that sold him out.

What looked like a crisis for the left turns in a heartbeat to a crisis for the right.

We need new words to describe this absurdity. If it happens in a third world country that’s one thing. Most powerful nation on earth? Good lord.



Sorry, but that one is a pet peeve.


How were you able to type your post, since it appears you can’t read?


Yet another new account; how coincidental.


This is ironically another common pro-Trump talking point: “I’m with you guys!”


Two things. First, it’s appearing that John McCain played a part in getting this information to the US (I’ve read that McCain thought it important enough to use his own staff to bring the information from London by hand), and that’s not nothing:

Second, notice how that particular story is being shaped by the trolls/fake newsers. Here’s a screencap, the article I linked is shown at the bottom…you may notice a trend in all those headlines (but the one at the bottom):


But… LULZ!!! They did it for the LULZ! They got a sociopathic, compromised douchcanoe to the presidency and stirred up the white supremacy movement FOR THE LULZ!!! /s

But seriously, the more I think about all this, the more utterly distressing it is.


You can’t spell






Noted with sarcastic free appreciation. The probability of me repeating the error is now significantly less.



While i think you could get pretty wide-spread agreement to do such a thing from the community that posts here, in order for this plan of yours to work, we’d need pretty much universal agreement. That’s not going to happen. Even in your country you’ve got a significant proportion of the population that would not only not go along with your proposal, but actively deride and oppose it. And in a country like the U.S.A., where a large proportion of the population is longing for the dark ages, … no bloats are going to be allowed to be goated.


possibly. very possibly.



I keep thinking that, at some point, trump will have the realization that maybe it’s a bad idea to so regularly attack and demean Americans, given that he’s supposed to represent us all…but then I regain my senses and understand how completely and utterly nauseating trump is and will always be.




Trump only likes people who glorify him, so any criticism is going to be met with disdain and personal attacks from him…

I mean, we’re fucked, unless the GOP wakes up and stands up to this douchecanoe.


"Russia said!"
That’s not helping your case, Donald.
Well, that’s going to bite him on the ass, as we already know that’s not true, and if some of the stories coming out are accurate, it’s really not true.

Of course he would mind, because if his tax returns don’t reveal Russian influence, they’ll provide threads that could be followed that would indicate that. Also, that his finances are in terrible shape, I imagine.



Which is a perfect summation of the Trump doctrine: cluster bomb the truth and chaff the media. When overwhelmed, most retreat to the familiar and comforting, rendering the noise irrelevant.


No. Actually, fucken no. This one works better, here: