Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed



yeah, thats the thing about blackmail. You need to have the means to blackmail a politician.

Paying people to piss on a bed where someone once slept isn’t in the R-party platform, at least not officially.


Wouldn’t it then completely destroy the blackmail value if we just agreed that everyone can have hookers peeing everywhere (or other fetishes), because hey - whatever bloats your goat?

The US Republican party is officially the party of body shame, patriarchical command and control thinking, and resistance to civil rights in deference to individual liberty. And as much cognitive dissonance as people have managed to have about the man, if true this would be one blown goat too far.


Dmitry Peskov insisted that the Kremlin “does not engage in collecting compromising material”.

Chorus: What, never?
Dmitry: No, never!
Chorus: What, never?
Dmitry: Hardly ever!

(With a large intelligence network, how do you avoid collecting compromising material, even by accident?)


It’s just a facade. The message resonates them and hiding behind humor is easy and constantly defended by the anti-PC police.



Sometimes the urge to register one’s deep concern about a potential injustice and to get the answers to puzzling questions (like “why would salacious material turn up in a story about blackmailers?”) is too much to resist.


I assumed he was referring to a powerful nation with a lunatic in charge.


Yes, I know. that’s just the BS excuse they put up for being shitty.


I think that “ppls” stands for “piss-party, leather-sofa”; obviously this time it spilled over on to the bed.

@Melizmatic, remember, at pet peeve isn’t just for Christmas.


I can’t for the life of me find the tweet I saw yesterday, so I’ll have to paraphrase. This is not so much about any kind of fetish as it is about Trump’s obsessive hatred of and disrespect for the Obamas. I think he thinks pee is the grossest thing there is.

Anybody here really accurate with a water balloon launcher?


When Trump says that he didn’t pay hookers, I believe him.





During the press conference today he mentioned he was a germophobe. The press laughed, of course, but the connection between that statement and what you say is obvious. He’s a man-child in so many ways.


I don’t see it so much as a fetish thing personally, although many probably do.

My take in it is a bit simpler: How much of a petulant mental child do you need to be to hire hookers to piss in the bed someone slept in. Especially, since that part of the report is undated, after you win the fucking election. What a piss poor winner!


Or flush it down the toilet as it were.


Yes - “New research reveals a dark underside to the Nazi régime”? Well, and there was me not knowing that it had a dark underside. I am so surprised.


I know… other than this one weird drug thing, the Third Reich was all sunshine and roses! The mean allies just attacked those sweet little nazis who save germany for no reason!


They don’t need to collect it; people just give it to them to be helpful. Sometimes they have even been known to fall downstairs in their efforts to bring information.


The time for this stuff to come out was 6 months ago, not 9 days before his inauguration.

Will these revelations make one iota of difference going forward? Or will it be used as evidence to impeach him before he even gets out of the gate?


Do you think Trump thinks Springtime for Hitler is a documentary?