Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


Baby! Baby!.. Why does he say this “baby”? The Führer has never said “baby”. I did not write, “baby”. What is it with this, “baby”?


That’s the thing about all these conspiracy theories about the DNC and the Clinton’s owning the government, and Turmp being the lone cowboy, constantly under attack from “The Establishment”. If there were going to be a conspiracy about democrats and “libruls” owning anything wouldn’t it be the IRS, the most librul of all the government agencies? In which case, why wouldn’t they have just gone ahead and leaked the tax returns, rather than asking for them over and over. It’s not like Trump has the only copy…


Do you think he even knows what that is?


You and I both know that the operation was clearly the template for all future DEA stings.






Agreed on the timing. As for the information “making a difference”, I think it serves to underscore both America’s lack of background information on trump and his shady connections, Russian or otherwise. As was mentioned above, if it wasn’t true, it’s much easier for a pol to say, “Those are ludicrous and obviously false claims. Next question” instead of jumping straight to all-caps condemnations of America’s intelligence services or wondering if America has suddenly turned into Nazi Germany. As the bard once noted, “Methinks he doth protest too much”.

And as for your last question: One can dream.


Correct. Decent people pay their hookers. And, anyone else who works for them.


He’ll pay who they work for, so it’s all good.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, denied on Wednesday that Russia collects compromising material. This is untrue. In 1999, Russian TV showed footage of Russia’s prosecutor general, Yuri Skaratov, in bed with two young women. Skaratov had fallen out with Russian’s then president, Boris Yeltsin. The head of the FSB at the time told a press conference that the recording of the orgy was genuine. His name? Vladimir Putin.


Which suggests that this story needs a suitably engaging cover.


NO, YOU’RE THE IRS! I mean, um…
It’s interesting that Trump has now pivoted to saying he’s not going to release his tax returns because no one wants to see them because they don’t really reveal anything important anyways…

Well gosh, that just proves how not-damning they are, obviously, otherwise the liberal conspiracy would have leaked them! (I wonder if part of Trump’s fear about the tax returns is not just the compromising financial connections, not just the conflicts of interest, not just that it reveals how bad a businessman he is, but also that he’ll be subjected to a crowd-sourced review of the documents that would be far more rigorous than what he gets from the IRS and it would reveal things he doesn’t want the IRS to know.)

The more I think about this, the more the truth of this depresses me. It was clear during the campaign that Trump was involved in so many of what would normally be political-career-ending scandals, they subtracted from each other to reduce their power rather than adding up and totally destroying him. People couldn’t take them all in, and no time was given to each - my grandmother, who reads/watches the news, but in a cursory way, is still unaware of many of the major scandals such as the “pussy grabbing” tape. It’s becoming clear this wasn’t just a dynamic of the campaign, but of the next four years, and the Republicans are joining in (witness the mass, rushed confirmation hearings, so all the scandals become impenetrable noise rather than impediments to confirmations). We’re going to get so many non-stop outrages and scandals that we won’t be able to take them all in, the press won’t be able to offer analysis and they’ll just be water off a duck’s back for tRump.


Grossest, after menstrual blood, of course.



L.S.D. would have been a better president than Trump will be.


So I guess the drumpf hasn’t squared his finances with the IRS yet?


I am starting to think that the remainder of Trump Tower is inhabited by a troll army. All sloshing out ad nauseum garbage at the same time to overwhelm the general public and hoping that it just becomes acceptable noise.

It’s pollution any way you look at it. An environmental disaster.


Doc Goebbels: Danke schön, mein Führer.
Lorenzo St. DuBois: Hey, you’re a German.
Doc Goebbels: We’re all Germans.
Lorenzo St. DuBois: That’s right.
Lorenzo St. DuBois: That means we CANNOT attack Germany.


This is bleak no matter how i look at it, if it isn’t trump, its pence, and if its not pence its ryan


I’m gobsmacked nobody has photoshopped him into the Circle Jerks “golden shower of hits” album cover yet!
Isn’t this the same type of “official unverified rumors” (aka fake news) shit we’ve been bitching about the alt right using?( Although don’t get me wrong it’s funny as hell)
I never can trust our government when “proof” is claimed but then national security is invoked as the reason we aren’t allowed to see the proofs, as happened with the supposed Russian hacking of the DNC.
I personally don’t care how WikiLeaks got the information as long as it’s true… Which I noticed no one is denying anymore.
Let’s not pretend we aren’t involved in exactly the same type of behavior…
Remember that time the USA supported a coup against a duly elected leader to get it’s favorite dictator in charge?(hello Mr Pinochet how’s hell treating you!)
This sheep like acceptance of government officials is what allowed 50,000 Americans to die in Vietnam (aka the gulf of Tonkin incident)
The only news outlet that’s had a cogent take on this is the Intercept.


That Donald Trump tape in full:

if only…


Of course he didn’t pay hookers.
1.) He doesn’t like paying people for services rendered.
2.) LOOSERS pay hookers. Winners have Oligarchs who want sign deals with him pay for hookers.