Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed



Lyndon Saines… Donson?


At least he’ll be able to get R Kelly to perform at the inauguration now.



Trump thinks Hillary’s bathroom break is “disgusting.”


You think the mods will delete him?





Found the inauguration song!


Lorenzo St. Dubois. The actor who played Hitler in Springtime for Hitler.


I’m sensing a growth opportunity. Soon he’ll have access to many of the beds that the President has ever slept in.



Well, I will just stop trying to figure out reality and just make it as I go.

We are DEFINITELY in a simulation - just not a computer one.

*edited for spelling, although, I hereby declare the original spelling was the correct one, who cares


A crooked theatrical promoter and a bent accountant…obviously resembling nothing in Trump’s reality so you’re probably right.


Obviously he knows plenty of accounts, but do you honestly think he knows jack about theater?


OK, well, a TV show in which Trump plays a billionaire businessman is at least in the line of descent of theater. I would say he’s quite good at it; he’s learnt BarnumMenckens’s maxim about underestimating the intelligence of the general public, for instance.


I never watched the show, honestly. I wonder if he was acting or really believed his own hype in that show. He strikes me as a person who really believes whatever comes out of his mouth is fantastic.


I’ve noticed Glenn Greenwald is good at sleight-of-hand, and I think there were a few things he slipped in there that deserve to be pinned down and carefully dissected. I’ll pass on that because I find him too self-important and boring to bother with.


The transcript and fact check of the news conference over at NPR is … wow. I mean, a) dude can’t speak English and b) the lies are just piled on. This is unreal the way he has to be reported on. Also, this is such a WEIRD press conference.


A theater producer who realizes that under the right circumstances, he can make more money from a flop than from a hit. Sound like anyone?

Now imagine the play in question is so bad it’s good, and Trump has to be president now it becomes a hit. This play is written by a Nazi named Steve Bannon Franz Liebkind.

I can only imagine Trump will finish out his presidency in a Russian gulag singing “Prisoners Of Love”.