Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


So you’re saying that the Producers is the documentary and we’re all living it right now!


Life imitates art and art imitates life.


Except Hitler didn’t make his flop play :unamused:


But its last leader wasn’t all that bad.

Admiral Doenitz got one of the lightest sentences from the Nuremburg trials. On the charges of unrestricted submarine warfare Admiral Nimitz even testified on his behalf. We did to the Japanese what Germany was unsuccessful in doing to us.


[quote=“Enkita, post:157, topic:92744”]he’s learnt Barnum’s maxim about underestimating the intelligence of the general public, for instance.

That was Mencken, I think. Barnum’s line was about underestimating the taste of the American public.

They both work here.


Okay, here’s three.

First, blaming the leak (heh) on the CIA. He himself says that this mess of claims was the worst-kept secret in Washington, and has been circulating for weeks.

Second, conflating endorsements by former CIA people with the position of the CIA. Yes, it is quite an old boys network, and that argument could have been made, but he didn’t and skipped on ahead as if it was an established fact.

Third, after setting up his “Deep State overlords” strawman, he mocks them for basing their resistance to Trump on such weak stuff. If we accept the “Deep State overlords”, then we have no idea of what their presumed resistance is based on, but it probably wouldn’t be on a paid political mess like that. Again, he slides another speculation step into place and climbs it to build his conclusion.

Solutions to Trump? How about a post that causes him to pop a vein while tweeting at 5am on the john? But that’s just my aimless jelly fish talking…


Don’t quit looking just yet:

Oh, Mr. trump, you are a great huge imbecile and I am very much enjoying watching you squirm.


I imagine that’s what the headlines are all about because it’s so juicy. I imagine that the majority here are totally fine with water sports and most of us are totally fine with money changing hands.

Something I mentioned in one of the other threads, though - I would guess there is a pretty substantial chance the women in question were being forced to work as prostitutes through violence or the threat of violence. I mean, that’s a big enough problem in Canada, I can’t imagine Russia is better on it, and I can’t imagine Trump would take any kind of precaution or do any kind of research to avoid it. Of course that’s me guessing what Trump did based on who I think he is, not forming an opinion of who I think he is based on what he did.


NPR really went kinda soft on him.


Can’t make this stuff up

Mr. President-elect, since you are attacking our news organization…

Not you.

Can you give us a chance?

Your organization is terrible.

You are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir? Sir, can you…

Quiet, quiet.

Mr. President-elect, can you say…

She’s asking a question, don’t be rude. Don’t be rude.

Can you give us a question since you’re attacking us? Can you give us a question?

Don’t be rude. No, I’m not going to give you a question. I’m not going to give you a question.

Can you state…

You are fake news. Go ahead.

Sir, can you state categorically that nobody –

Go ahead.


Do you think President Obama went too far with the sanctions he put on Russia after the hacking?

I don’t say he went too far. No.


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@hdevreij of the BBC



That would be an interesting way for Trump to walk back his comment. “No, I was comparing myself to that OTHER leader of Nazi Germany. The guy who WASN’T elected.”


Who will be the first Ambassador to present Presidentrump with a gilded shower nozzle as a token of his / her nation’s esteem?


CNN should make Trump persona non granta, refuse to report his tweets and stop having his talking heads on their shows, but they won’t.

Where does a President openly attacking and then refusing to take questions from a major news network (using the term “news” loosely, because CNN) fall vs. the first amendment?

Press conferences will be fun when the only people allowed to ask questions will be from Breitbart, Fox, Infowars, r/thedonald and /pol


Kill the megaphone! Twitter should make Trump persona non grata. Period.

That crowd would surely look like a GWAR BBQ:

(Dave Brockie RIP)


“unverified leaks” - i see what you did there!

But given Jessica Drake has already told us he offered her 10k to sleep with him, where is the news here?

Does the FSB video foreigners sleeping with hookers? Yes

Does Trump like Eastern European ladies? Yes

Would Trump pay for sex? Yes.

So basically it’s the golden shower which is questionable.

Maybe that was an accident when she saw his wig?


I’m still trying to figure out just when I slipped over into a slapstick comedy cyberpunk dystopia, and what kind of drugs I need to fuel the vision quest to find my way back.

I’m thinking DMT. I need about a four year supply of DMT. It’s not a coincidence that it’s illegal. It’s part of the Archons’ plot to keep us trapped in the Black Iron Prison, even when the bars start to show through the rifts and rents in their illusion.


Great point! But I think you are allowed to hate both Trump, and the senior intelligence officials officials who have gone to war with him.

No need to choose sides. Just grab some popcorn and enjoy!


Would Trump be stupid enough to pay for kinky sex acts in a foreign country? Let alone Russia? By all means YES.

Fake news or not the accusations fit his character as we know it. I think what we have learned today is that he is not going to redeem himself for the sake of this country and will continue to try and destroy everything he puts his tiny orange hands onto. He and his family will continue to evade, lie, cheat and steal their way to riches using us and our country as their personal piggy banks.

He must be stopped.